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Part 6 2006-2010

    The Sam Crain Quartet's last gig was New Year's Eve of 2005. Bassist Kevin wanted to play more smooth jazz-type things, and had told me he only wanted to be available as a sub from here on in. Saxophonist/vocalist GG couldn't make many of the gigs I was getting.Seemed like a good time to revamp things. Actually, the trio thing is something I'd always wanted to do anyway.

    So effective the beginning of 2006, the Sam Crain Trio was born. Exit Kevin and GG, and enter Bill on bass. (Don of course still hasn't moved in all this time).Our first gig was at Robbie's on January 27th- Mozart's birthday, as it turned out. Our next Robbie's gig was September 26th- Snoop Dogg's birthday. I did a brief homage in both cases..Anyway, the trio is still going strong.

    In the Fall of '07 I played on what ended up the first of several CDs by the group SENSES. The CD I'm on is entitled "Looking for your Face". There was a very cool CD Release Party which included a full dinner featuring Persian cuisine, different dance acts entertaining before we went on, then during our concert we had several ladies dancing onstage with us. Much work putting it together, but still much fun.

    December of 2007 marked the passing of my Mother, Jacqueline. Hers was a long and gradual decline, mainly from Altzheimer's, so her actual demise was not as traumatic as it might've been, from, say, a sudden illness or accident. Still a major loss, a heavy sadness. I don't have any songs for my Mom(though I have blogged about both her and my Dad), but she is honored in my CD In Your Dreams(insert pic from website CDs link). The cover pic is her as a girl of about 8 or 9.

    2008 saw the departure of a great local bassist- Andy Burtschi, who had played many gigs with me and donated time and energy(and great playing)to 3 of my CDs. I decided to make it an even 4 and put together a recording session for a weekend that summer, entitled Aloha Andy. It's a quartet session: alto saxophone, guitar, bass and drums. All originals by me, plus a tune by Danish guitarist/composer Jon Hemmersam.

    Jon is someone I've known via the internet since maybe '01. We've swapped many a CD over the pond over the years, and continue to do so. Cool getting to do one of his tunes on here.

    The rest of the decade was relatively undistinguished, at least as far as music. A very busy December of '09 as far as gigs, ending with a New Year's gig with SENSES. Early 2010 saw the release of my cD "The Big Box of Love", an eclectic mix of styles. Late in 2010 The Sam Crain Trio was talking about making a cD in the coming year, even making arrangements toward that end as far as scheduling.

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