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Part 3 '87 to '93

    ("I'm a Lumberjack and I'm OK. I work all night and I sleep all day")

    '87 to '93 were involved/married years, with wife Judy and her kids Todd and Erica. Obviously, since there's an ending date, it didn't work out, but we sure had a nice beginning. At times idyllic. Todd was 6 and Erica was 4 when I first started keeping company with their Mom.I was more than a little fond of them too.

    Everybody got songs written for them, maybe 5 or 6 for Judy and a couple apiece for Todd and Erica.I was into home-recording even back then, though my recording gear was more 'primitive'. Well anyway, I wrote Todd some Godzilla music when he was about 8. If you go to my Guestbook and scroll allll the way down, you'll see a comment from him, then aged 22.

    Like many young couples just starting out, we didn't have two nickels between us.I was a bank teller and she was a clerk at some hallmark store.Musically, I was taking everything I could: theatre shows, bar gigs, even worked for a couple weeks with a Holiday Inn roadband- in addition to working full-time at the bank(I remember collapsing at the end of those two weeks, sleeping a good 10-11 hours!)

    In April of '91 I got on with good ol' State of Illinois, which doubled my salary. Suddenly there was enough to cover all the bills. I was so used to having to scruff for every gig I could get, it took a complete billing-cycle to realize that I could now be more selective in the gigs I accepted.A very liberating feeling.

    Well, not long after the good fortune of this much-better-paying(albeit stressful)new job, tragedy struck. My Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer in July of that year, and died the following March-just shy of his 65th birthday. He'd been an attorney, and retired a Judge(and just 4 years at that), but was a musician at heart.The Trombone was his instrument, and he played with great virve and fire. Kept his sense of humor to the end as well. After a battery of tests, he commented to me, "well son, it seems my liver's just fine!"

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