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    Saturday, June 30th, 2018 10:12 AM


    Cool And here we go again. Another scorcher.  In bed at 1, went right off to sleep, up around 7:30 and then dozed for an hour or so. A good night's sleep, not a great one. But enough shuteye to fuel my ass for another day. 
         A fair amount of guitar practice yesterday. I like to play a couple times in the day, if I can, and I was able to get in multiple sessions. Not much to show for it(a couple things I'm debating to upload), but it's still more progress- however infinitesimal-  toward the goal of better playing. 
       Another thing I like to work on throughout the day is Lumosity. Brain games. Neuroscience. That kinda stuff. My favorites are the word games and those involving planning or organizing. I have to watch it though, as those games are pretty hand-intensive. Like the guitar, I stop when my hands feel tired. Come back to fight another day..
      Last night's listening was Adam Rogers' Allegory. Brilliant guitarist, with stoopid good technique and a different approach to harmony. Not thrilled with the whole album- some of it just sounds like noodling-but it has its moments. Two or three of the selections I like a lot. Chris Potter is also on here. Great saxophonist, got to hear him in Japan back in '95(a festival including many jazz luminaries, including Ray Brown). He's in good form here, albeit a little goofy in spots. 
      I'm getting a little bit of a lock on what Rogers is doing on the guitar, all those crazy flights of fancy. Many of his lines are diatonic stuff, only in a different key. He's superimposing one tonality(well, actually several)over another. Also lots of arpeggios- same deal. 
      So I have a burgeoning understanding of Adam Rogers' style. Now if I could only play some of it...
       Nothing on the books until July 20, as far as gigs. It should be a good one though. As I said before, more guitar work on the horizon today. If I work with the digital camera(some days I don't)and come up with anything salvageable,I'll be happy to share on good old YouTube. As ever, thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Ich bin outa here. More later. 

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