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    Wednesday, July 11th, 2018 9:14 AM


    Cool What a difference a day makes! I skipped yesterday's post because it was a day without sleep. Haven't had one of those in months- well, since May. Since I usually sleep well anymore, I felt okay. Functional, even, until the evening, when fatigue started to set in. A little worried I'd repeat the process last night, but was soon off in dreamland. And as usual(dammit!)can't remember a blessed thing, except that they were pleasant dreams. Refreshing dreams..
       Nothing on the books for this week, but I have another Robbie's gig next Friday. Those are almost always fun. I like to get there early and watch Jeopardy with the regulars at the bar. It's a good hang. Muy simpatico. 
       I skipped practicing yesterday, so I'm looking forward to putting in some time today. A few new posts on YouTube from the past couple days. I'm particularly fond of the playalongs with just bass. Good solid player, lays it in there. 
       Also working on a blog. It'll probably go up on my Mr. Know-it-all site. It's about New York City, specifically Manhattan, since it's the only one of the five boroughs(Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens and Staten Island)I know anything about.
      Well I do know a little bit about Brooklyn and some of its nutty neighborhoods, like DUMBO(directly under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass)and RAMBO(right after the Manhattan Bridge Overpass). Brooklyn is the most populous of the boroughs, with over a hundred different neighborhoods. Thomas Wolfe wrote about its vastness in his collection of short stories called Only the Dead Know Brooklyn. And I even know the etymology: Brooklyn came from two Dutch words meaning "broken land". 
     That's about all the news I can muster this morning. As ever, thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Happy Wednesday to you(or hump day, if you prefer that). Jeg er outa here. More later.  
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