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    Thursday, July 12th, 2018 10:21 AM


    Cool Good morning, whoever-reads-this. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Hot but not swelteringly hot. Works for me. Today is Julius Caesar's birthday, as well as a whole slew of locals. I seem to know a lot of Cancerians. 
         My birthday is the 10th of next month, which makes me a Leo: good-hearted and generous but vain as hell. 
        I'm not necessarily a big believer in Astrology, but some things ring true as to personalities. One of my best friends is also a Leo.(hint: he's a great trumpet player) He is also good-hearted and generous, but not without a certain degree of vanity. And in true Leo fashion, loves to pontificate. But then again, so does his wife- and she's a Virgo(and, true to her sign, a great detail person), so maybe that just blows this out of the water. 
       I dunno. It's just something I have fun with every now and again. Linda Goodman's Sun Signs was part of my bathroom reading until the book finally just fell apart. Goodman had some nice insights into human nature- like the Brontes, she was "people smart".
       Music news.  Nothing on the books until next Friday(see Gigs for more), but I've been trying to step up my practicing. Whether I'm part-time or full-time, I want to be as good as I can be. This is partly due to my buddy Dave(see preceding paragraph)and one of his video lectures: How much to I need to practice? Dave's answer was in the form of another question: how good do I want to be?
       If the answer to that question is, "as good as I can be", then you need to practice a lot more than you might've thought. 6 to 8 hours a day. I don't know that I've ever put in the equivalent of a work-day, but I have put in many hours over the years. 
      So we'll see where all this goes. I'd really like to jump-start my playing(another Dave term), and the only way to do that is put in the time. Lots of time. 
      My "training" also includes Lumosity games, which I do every day; and exercise, which I do a couple times in a week. As a matter of fact, today is an exercise day. I reward myself by calling it a virtuous day, and if guitar practice is also achieved, it becomes a Day of Sterling Virtue. Damn, any more virtuous and I'll need to apply for Sainthood....
      Okay. Some morning thoughts, as I swig my first cup of Morning Joe. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Hope it was informative or whatever it needs to be. Ich bin outa here. Happy Thursday to you. More later. 
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