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    Thursday, November 30th, 2017 10:31 AM

    Thursday's news

    CoolA sunny day again. One new piece on YouTube, posted last night. I'm getting a fair amount of practice in these days, always a good thing. Trying to get more fluency on the fingerboard, a perennial goal. Progress isn't always a straight line though. Sometimes you even feel like you're getting worse instead of better.
      I think it actually means you're hearing yourself more clearly. You're just more aware of those problem areas in your playing. So you might sound like shit to yourself for awhile. It's all just part of the process.
      In these retired years, I have less ambition as far as busting my ass to turn out CDs and promote myself, but I still have a drive to get better on the guitar. Maybe that will be a galvanizing force as far as resuming my old self-promotion activities, and maybe not. Either way, I'll still be a better guitarist--someday!
      Busting one's ass to get somewhere seems to belong to one's working years. Your 40' and 50's especially. While maintaining a dayjob, I definitely made the effort to get CDs out there and generally promote my music. Started a website(this website!), and built a mailing list. Had my CDs reviewed in a couple cases.
      The thing is you just get tired of busting your ass. Much effort for very little return. The love of music, of playing, keeps you in there, but experience prevents you from doing too much fishing from what has been a dry well.
      Still, I appreciate the fans I have gotten through all this. And I continue to try to communicate with them in my music.
      Boy howdy, another rambling post. I hope it doesn't sound too negative. Actually it's a good thing not to worry anymore about "making it" in music. I know people my age(60's)who are still workin' it, still trying for that Big Break. More power to them.
      I'll probably go back to making CDs at some point. There are certainly enough of them now. Twentysomething I'm figuring. But it's real nice, and liberating, to not care about promotion anymore.
      Still, I'd take the success if I got it.
      Okay, thanks for reading all this, whoever-reads-this, if indeed you're still here. More later, and hopefully a lot more concise.
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