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    Monday, September 4th, 2017 12:05 PM

    Another Peaceful Monday

    CoolOne nice thing about retirement is that after a Sunday gig, you have the next day to recuperate. Well, as a State employee, I'd have today off, being Labor Day, but would have a hellaciously busy Tuesday. One of my friends from there dubbed it Muesday, since you have two days worth of work packed into one 24-hour period. Okay, one 8-hour period.
      So my Monday is usually more like a second Sunday. Actually I like Wednesday as my Monday, and prefer to do all my business/domestic stuff in the middle of the week.
      I thought I might do some playing last night. Got the guitar and amp out, but was too damn tired. Yesterday was only about 40 minutes worth of music, but it was all stuff we were reading, with very little margin for error. So that can tire you as much or more than if the gig were several hours.
      In lieu of playing, I did do some work on my YouTube site, customizing it a bit. As always, I encourage you to check out the page. Trying to diversify my material in there: some slow/medium burners as well as up-tempo romps--and even a ballad or solo guitar piece or two. 
      That's all I've got on this Labor Day Weekend Monday. I feel sorry for the poor souls at IDES, having a busyass day ahead of them. A regular Monday is jarring enough, but the day after a holiday is always pandemonium. Been there, done that...
      As always, thanks for stopping in here, whoever-reads-this. Happy Monday to you! More later.
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