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    Friday, December 15th, 2017 11:04 AM

    Sam Crain- musican and amateur hydrologist

    CoolAnother beautiful sunny day out there but cold. About 28 degrees this morning. I had one morning errand to run, and felt sorry for the City workers out in the midst. They were all uniformly dressed for it, but still..
    I think retirement has made me a bit of a wuss as far as working. Can't even imagine it. So when I see people toiling away in the cold I feel a little bit sorry for them- even though they're dressed for it and get paid for it, and are all considerably younger than I am.
    Another good night's sleep. In bed at 1:40, up at 9:41. My cats try to rouse me a few hours earlier than my wake-up time, but to no avail. They're like a couple of little kids at Christmastime, waiting for the adults to move into present-unwrapping mode.
    Okay, music news already! Yesterday was a day of sterling virtue, meaning that I exercised(Cardio)and practiced. Nothing was posted to YouTube, but I do have one relatively new one up there, and am thinking about a couple others.
    Still on my geography kick. The Monongahela river is 128 miles long, and starts in Freemont, West Virginia, then making its way north to Pennsylvania. The Allegheny is 325 miles long and begins in Porter County PA which is north central. It heads up into NewYork state, and then back down into Pennsylvania.
      These two rivers form the Ohio river, which is 981 miles long and ends in Cairo, Illinois where it joins the Mississippi. The Mississippi river is the longest in North America, running from someplace in Minnesota, all the way to the Mississippi Delta, where it drains into the Gulf of Mexico.
       The Delta is usually triangular in shape, like the Greek letter Delta. Pretty self-evident but I didn't know it..

      The Mississippi River has many tributaries: the Ohio River, the Arkansas river, the Missouri river(thought to be the biggest tributary), and others I either don't know yet or are too tired still to remember. (This is being done with that first cup of Morning Joe..)
      I also read about the Mekong river, which is the longest in southeastern Asia, running through 6 countries before draining into the South China Sea. Likewise the Nile and Amazon, and the Volga river. Then there's the Danube, the Ganges, the Yangtze and Yellow rivers, the Tigress and Euphrates.
      Learning. It goes on and on. Just like me. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Happy Friday to you! More later.
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