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    Tuesday, May 8th, 2018 8:59 AM

    Tuesday Welding

    Cool In bed at 12:52, up just after 7. I remember my head hitting the pillow and that was about it. An array of dreams I don't remember as usual- but, as usual, sense their presence. A beautiful sunny day out there. One of my morning tasks is opening the blinds back up, and it's always nice when you've got a sunny day peeking through there. 
        One new thing on YouTube. Me n' some drums once again, this time rhythm changes in A-flat. There are a variety of drum loops on YouTube, and I found one at 220 bpm that feels right. Always working on that devil time..
       Re-watching The Sopranos. Started with the 5th season, now into the second half of the 6th and final season. The battles between New York and New Jersey intensify. Lots of folks get whacked. Some you mourn, and others- like Phil Leotardo- you rejoice a little bit. Great stuff..
      Glad to check in on CD Baby and see that my stuff is at least getting streamed. Someone is out there listening, and even to the new stuff. The ideal would be to see all kinds of CD sales and downloads, but you take what you get. "You'll eat it and like it", as a parent(though thank God not mine)would say.
       So I try to like what I have to eat. I appreciate the streams, particularly of the 3 new recordings I just put up there. What's most important is that people listen to the stuff. And they appear to be. 
      Still goofing with my new guitar. More from this today I hope. We'll see. Anyway, there's one new thing up on YouTube now, with more to follow. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. More later. 
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