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    Wednesday, May 9th, 2018 9:46 AM


    Cool A dark, rainy day in Paradise this morning. In bed at 12:47, up about 8. A few dreams which I don't remember as usual. Got my first cup of Morning Joe in front of me, so we're ready to rock here. 
        Apparently there was a fire in the alley in back of my house. When I got up there was a voice message on my phone from  6:30 am. No good news arrives that early. Had to be something. Maybe the rain took care of it, but I guess it was a problem at 6:30. 
       Last night's listening was to the Aristocrats. I have a 2-disc CD of theirs, called "Boing". Guthrie Govan, their guitarist, is not of this world. Ultimate technique on the instrument, and it always went someplace. I heard a lot of stuff that inspired me, even though I don't know what he's doing in a lot of instances. The tapping, for instance. Lots of coloration with various crazy arpeggios. And he'd also just get down and rock. The bassist and drummer are also able performers, though not as dazzling as Guthrie. He's a tough act to follow. 
       Checked my streams again on CD Baby this morning, and it was encouraging. People are streaming my stuff, sometimes a lot of times for one tune. Happy to see my newest recordings getting some listens, working their way into the mix. 
      It would be preferable to get more CD sales and downloads, but I've learned in life to be happy with what you get. So I make the best of things, enjoying the various streams and the tunes people pick out to listen to. 
      Still trying to practice most every day. Did another recording last night which I may or may not put up on YouTube, depending on whether it grooves or not. 
       I'm still watching the YouTube driving videos which have sprung up lately. I've been all over Manhattan, into Brooklyn and The Bronx just a bit; downtown Philadelphia; Denver; and recently, Detroit. When I think of Detroit I envision a great slum, almost a demilitarized zone. And that may well still be there, but their downtown is killer. Especially Woodward Street. 
      That's about all the news I can think of. A lazy day here, hopefully one that involves some guitar practice. Hopefully something new for the YouTube page. Well, thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Happy hump day! More later. 
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