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    Monday, May 14th, 2018 10:12 AM

    Another Peaceful Monday(if I can help it)

    Cool And it's another Monday morning! In bed at 12:30, up at 6:30 and then 9. Still waking up. Even with adequate sleep, it takes me awhile to percolate. 
       Music news. All set for Friday's gig. Never heard from the person I called first, but my second call resulted in filling the drum position. He'll be playing more percussion than drum set per se. I think it should swing pretty good.
       There are a number of drummers I could've called, who could do a very competent job. Jazz isn't their primary thing though, so there are some nuances missing. The tempo will stay constant, but the swing feel is stiffer. So I thought percussion would work better here.
       This is the first time I've played out in over a month. March had a few dates, and April had none. It has been a relaxed month-or-so, but not much for excitement. There are now a few dates on the calendar: this Friday, one in June, and one in August. 
      So I've been practicing, and will definitely continue the woodshedding into this week, right up to Friday. The day of a gig I usually do as little as possible. Save my energy,and all that. 
      My cats seem to have had a falling out. In the almost 9 years I've had them, we've had occasional cat drama every few months. They've always gotten over it, and I'm figuring that to be the case this time. But they're co-existing..
      Nothing new on YouTube (even though there's plenty to hear already). Been practicing more straight-ahead things, in preparation for Friday. More shedding ahead..
       Time for that second cup of Morning Joe. And time to exheunt here. As ever, thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Happy Monday(if that's possible). More later.
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