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    Sunday, August 5th, 2018 10:57 AM


    Cool In bed at 1:30, up at 9:55. Slightly better hours. It took me a little while to reach the Land of Nod last night but I got there. There is a nice passage from Emerson, which I don't remember verbatim, but the gist of it is "you've done your best today so you can let the day go as far as any regrets or unfinished business". I often think of this as I'm laying down to sleep. What the hell, it helps..
        Recommended listening: The Jay Leonhart Trio. Leonhart on bass and vocals; Joe Cohn on guitar; Ted Rosenthal on piano. Rosenthal is also on what I believe was the last Gerry Mulligan album Dream a Little Dream. Cohn is the son of legendary saxophonist Al Cohn. Wonderful guitarist. Sometimes reminds me of Jimmy Raney. The album I have is called Cool. And rightly so.
       Nothing on the books until a week from today. There will probably be some kind of rehearsal between now and then, but otherwise a week you could shoot a cannon through. There is one new piece on my YouTube page. Another John Scofield playalong. The tune is called Boozer, and my 'rendition' is called Guns n Cirrhosis
      I'm liking the Scofield playalongs because they're something different, off the beaten path as it were. Scofield himself is an interesting player. I would liken him to Heinekken beer or an episode of Seinfeld. Not my favorite, but still very enjoyable if it's what's offered. And I like his slightly dirty tone.
      This is probably enough verbiage to wade through for now. Thanks for stopping in and reading this drivel. Happy Sunday to you. Ich bin outa here. More later. 
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