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    Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018 12:04 PM

    A Windy Wednesday

    CoolGetting a late start to things this morning. In bed at 1:20, up at about 10:30. Figuring in some tossing and turning, and being briefly woken up by one of my cats about 7, is a good 9 hours of sleep. Must've needed it.
      One new post on YouTube, quite possibly some others to follow today. These past couple days have been good guitar days, meaning that I'm playing okay and things are working between me and my virtual rhythm sections.
      Absolutely nothing I've gotta do for quite some time. Nowhere I gotta be, nobody I gotta see. It's a nice feeling, at least in weather like we've been 'enjoying'.
      Still working on new and different ways of playing, both playing more simply and more elaborately. The simpler approach is usually repeated figures played around whatever groove I'm trying to enhance. More of a rhythmic exercise than anything.
      The elaborate approach has to do more with the harmonic/melodic  content of what I play, and here I work on playing outside/above the changes. Ideally, weaving in and out of tonality, as the music(and my mood)dictates. This is stuff you just have to seek and find.
      After 50+ years of playing the guitar, I'm still trying to get better. There are still areas of my playing I feel are flawed, and I continue to work on them. In a way, that's the beauty of the whole process of learning to play. Or maybe I'm just a slow study..
      Anyway. A wee bit of rambling. At least I was 'on topic' this time. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Happy hump day! More later.

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