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    Tuesday, August 7th, 2018 11:25 AM


    Cool  Another morning. Working on cup #1 of Morning Joe. My cat Cindy is to my left, soaking up what little attention I have to give her. This is my time to bring the world into focus, to just "sit and scratch" as it were, so  we're somewhat at cross purposes. She's learned, though, that she gets the necessary strokes just by sitting there and letting me wake up. Once I'm awake, she's lavished with attention. Probably more than she wants..
       My digital camera seems to be on the fritz. It starts to record and then dies after about 3 minutes. This is what I use to make my YouTube stuff. So until the camera is repaired or replaced, I may be posting 'oldies' (stuff sitting around in the Video files I never got around to putting up).
      And as it turns out, my stereo is starting to fade. It won't play certain CDs, or only plays part of them. Plus the calibration is all out of whack. Music, especially on cassette, speeds up and slows down. So that's two pieces of technology that need replacing. 
      I tend to keep things until they literally fall apart. This is also true of books, several of which need replacing along with the appliances. 
      Plus I'm in dire need of a haircut. My wonderful barber, whom I've been going to for years, had to bail due to health issues. I found a nice place to get my hair cut, but it's way on the north side- Sangamon and 19th. 
      In other words, damn near everything needs work! But every problem here is fixable, so it just takes me getting off my ass and doing it. 
      Such is life on this sun n' clouds Tuesday. Nice and rested though. I had a number of dreams that I don't remember(as usual)but parts of them surface or peek through my awareness. 
      And that's all the news I can conjure up this morning. Thanks for reading, as ever. Happy Tuesday to you. More later. 
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