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    Monday, May 21st, 2018 10:28 AM

    Another Peaceful Monday

    Cool Clouds and sun. Back to the iron gray days. In bed at 11:45 or so, up at 6 and then 8:30. Feeling kinda blah, but a good blah..
       I mention sleep and wake times out of force of habit, having struggled from time to time with insomnia. It's mostly for my own benefit, and I think helps me keep on track with the sleeping-reinforces good habits. . If it sounds like too-much-information, then tough! My page, my rules..
      And it could be worse. I could have a whole host of physical symptoms to be laying out in here, like people share on Facebook. Most of my problems, at least thus far, have been between my ears.
      Music news. Not much really. I lost a subscriber to my YouTube page, back down from 44 to 43. It could be that they were offended by my doing a standard without the melody, just playing over the changes. Or it could be that it wasn't the newest subscriber, but rather someone else who may have lost their computer, and thus my page?
      Who knows, who cares? You can't please everybody. I've long since given that up. Still, I love it when people listen to my stuff and enjoy what they've heard. So I look forward to future subscribers. 
     Still shedding on the guitar. Some work yesterday, more today. I'll try and record a couple things, and if something works, I'll be glad to share it on YouTube
      That's all I've got for now on this Monday morning. Thanks for reading, whoever-you-are. More later. 
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