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    Monday, August 13th, 2018 10:57 AM

    Another Peaceful Monday

    Cool Whew! I'm glad I conserved my energy for Sunday because it all got used up last night. Getting into the Fairgrounds was no problem. Getting to where I needed to be was another story. I finally had to stop and get some help. A nice State Trooper removed the barricade to the street I needed to be on, so I was able to park near our location. 
        We played in the Gazebo in the Ethnic Village, which is of course an incredibly airy room. There was some pushing and pulling as far as tempos(aka tempo tantrums), which created tension in the music. These things happen sometimes, and all you can do is put your best foot forward. I have had a problem with rushing in my own playing, so I can relate. Still, some happy moments in there. I must confess, I was a little bit relieved that for once, it wasn't me doing the rushing!
       At the end of the gig, I thought my van had been towed. All the vehicles parked behind the Ethnic Village were gone. Fortunately, it was just a case of me being turned around. Disoriented. Discombobulated. From there I drove around trying to find an exit. Getting out of the Fairgrounds was just as difficult as getting in. 
       Finally got out at Gate 4, from whence I came. Peoria Rd above Sangamon ave is all one-way so I had to drive around the back of the Fairgrounds, which usually takes you right back to 5th street. Somehow missed that, and ended up on Veterans Parkway. Missed where I should've turned and had to loop back. Eventually got to J David Jones Pkwy, then Walnut St, then home. It was 10:40. I had spent at least a half hour meandering..
       So nice being home after all these travails. it took awhile to wind down, but I was able to shake it all off. Got a good night's sleep. I'm just now feeling rested though, after writing all this stuff down. Purging myself, as it were. 
       Okay. It's Monday. Nothing on the books until the 25th(see the Gigs page if interested). Nursing that first cup of Morning Joe. I can tell already that this is going to be a day of sloth. Probably some guitar practice in there, and I might just use my new digital camera to tape some things. Anything worth sharing I'll be glad to put up on my YouTube page for your listening enjoyment. 
       Thanks for reading. Happy Monday to you, if that's not too much a contradiction in terms. Ich bin outa here. More later. 
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