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    Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018 10:29 AM


    Cool Happy hump day! Not a cloud in the sky, at least from where I'm sitting. A session tomorrow with my new bassist friend(see my YouTube page, under Sam and Raj) and a rehearsal that evening with Ocean State. We have a job at Arlington's this Saturday, 7 to 9. I like to have all my activity packed into one day if possible. Wednesday is normally my call-to-action day, but I guess that's going to be tomorrow. 
       This is the nice thing about retirement. Getting more of those days- just about as many as you want-  when you don't have to be anyplace or see anybody.Such is today. One of my cats is draped over my left arm, making it much more difficult to type this hoohah. More later.
      Okay. My lap is now free. Both cats are nestled into the chair to my left, one fast asleep and the other sidled up next to her. So far, they're peacefully co-existing. 
      Lumosity is next on my morning list. I should probably play these games later in the day, as I'm not my sharpest first thing in the morning. Still, I try to push through the fog and muster up whatever logic or other cognitive function I need to play the games. 
      Much like the guitar becomes more fun as you are able to play more on it, the games become more enjoyable as you get a little skill going. Such is Raindrops, a Math game. You have to solve simple arithmetic before it hits the water.
      Getting better at this game, thus it's more like fun and less like castor oil. Yesterday I couldn't get a decent score to save my life. Much frustration. Left to do my hour of Cardio. Came back and got two new high scores. Of course, that sets the bar a little higher, but that's what it's about. We'll see what happens today. 
      Last night's listening: The Art Farmer Quartet, To Sweden with Love. Jim Hall on guitar; Steve Swallow on bass; Peta LaRoca on drums. It's all Swedish folk songs arranged for a jazz band. Wonderful album. Highly recommended. 
      Okay, that's all I've got for this Wednesday morning. Thanks for reading. I'm outa here. More later. 
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