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    Thursday, August 16th, 2018 11:06 AM


    Cool Good morning reader(s). It's a bright sunny day out there. An enjoyable couple of hours yesterday playing tunes with a new bass player friend. I recorded four of them, and picked what I thought were the best two to post on my YouTube page. Even got some practicing in, and recorded yet more stuff. Out of two, one is a keeper. 
        Someone recently kidded me about not being a perfectionist with the stuff I post. I do allow a clinker or two, but only if it's an otherwise decent cut. Something fraught with clinkers and no redeemable qualities I won't post. Likewise something where the groove isn't there. My main criterion is the feel. If it feels good, I'll do it. That is, post it to my page. 
       So I do have standards. Perfection equals stasis in my book. But I do strive for excellence. Strangely enough, I'm reminded of a line from a Firesign Theatre album here:
      The little red needle is pointing to E- and while that's always stood for excellent in my book, I think it means we're out of gas!
       But I digress. That was from Don't Crush that Dwarf, Hand Me the Pliers(1971). '71 was quite a year. The Vietnam War was going on; the Watergate scandal was going on;Paul McCartney's new, post-Beatles group Wings was formed; Be Here Now came out. 
      I still have my copy of Be Here Now, but it's falling apart. Well, it's lived a long life for a book- 47 years. Funny, a book about the transitoriness of life coming to its own end. 
       To prevent further digressions(and I think that's where this is going), I should probably exheunt here. As ever, thanks for reading. Happy Thursday to you if that means anything. (For me, in my working days it was the penultimate day of the week, almost-Friday). I'm outa here. More later. 
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