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    Friday, August 17th, 2018 11:13 AM


    Cool I like this time of day. Been awake less than an hour, which is to say still not quite there. Or here, as it were.. Nursing that first cup of Morning Joe, which is soul-satisfying much as was that first Corona after a brutal day at the office.
          It helps, too, to be nice and rested. A good night's sleep, filled with dreams I don't remember. Still, what kind of dream(s)I had seems to determine my mood in waking up. I'm in pretty good spirits, so I can conclude that my dreams- remembered or not- were of a pleasant or at least positive nature. 
        One new cut on YouTube. I've been getting in a fair amount of practice these days, plus a session this week with my new bass playing friend. We recorded four things, and I have two of them up on my page.
        Last night's listening was Jim Hall's Downbeat Critics Choice. That's the name of the album. Very eclectic. Modern classical music, some folk stuff here and there, and some modal jazz things. I am very impressed by the scope of this album, how much territory it covers. Highly recommended listening. Mike Stern is also featured here, plus a great alto saxophonist I'd never heard- Greg Osby. 
       I think I got that album from Bill Schlipf, a bassist who used to work with me. Thanks Bill. I'm still working on my stuff..
       I've enjoyed all the various incarnations of my groups, back from those first gigs with Amy on vocals, back in 1998. My favorite phase, though, was 2006 to 2013, with the SamBillandDon ensemble. It took us awhile to get there, but I think we were the most unified of any band I've put together. 
      At the moment, I don't have my own band. Maybe that's something to shoot for. Then again, I play in one band(Ocean State)and sub in another(The Samba Llamas), which seems to keep me busy enough. Still, writing about this is making me miss having my own show. Even though it is a lot of work. 
      Such are my thoughts on this Friday morning. It's been a pretty good week: one Cardio session, much practice, and a session with this new bass player. All positive stuff. Good to have company in the house too. One of my cats appreciates this as well, and will always hang out in the room with us.(while her sister runs and hides!).
      Thanks for reading. Happy Friday to you, tgif if it applies. Ich bin outa here. More later. 
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