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    Monday, May 28th, 2018 10:00 AM

    Another Peaceful Monday

    Cool We've had a heat wave these past couple days. Today's high is supposed to be 95. In bed last night at 12:42, up around 8. Much tossing and turning, sleep achieved on the 3rd try just like two nights ago. Feeling okay this morning, a little draggy but trying to stay positive. Coffee always helps this.. 
        Music news. Two new ones up on YouTube. A fair amount of practicing these days. Even though I don't play out all that much, I still love to play. 
        A friend of mine, with whom I've played a goodly number of gigs over the years, just told me that as of February of this year, he's retired from playing out. Says it's not fun anymore, and he's not coming back. 
       I have, for the longest time, had mixed feelings about the whole gigging thing, and have taken a few powders over the years. Off and on has always worked for me. You're either catching a break from the noise and crowds or catching a break from the silence and solitude. My gigs are dwindling as it is, but still sorta there..I still need 'em. Not for the money but for the company. Not ready to cash in my chips just yet.
      But you can always just do your music at home. Especially if you play an "autonomous" instrument like guitar or piano, and can really make your own fun if need be. My buddy who's quit the biz is a piano player. And organist.
      Okay, this is probably plenty to read. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. And happy Memorial Day Monday to you. If you're working, you probably have this day off. But if you work for the State, especially where you deal with the public, you'll pay out the nose tomorrow, so enjoy today! I know this first-hand..
    More later. 
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