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    Sunday, August 19th, 2018 11:13 AM


    Cool And good morning once again. It looks like a great day out there. I'm swilling that first cup of Morning Joe and trying to make sense of the world, like I do most every morning. 
         Lots of birthdays today on Bookface. Some people I'm surprised to see are now over 50. Being significantly younger than I am, I'd always thought of those folks as kids. And here they are aging just like me. Time flies, and it waits for no one. 
        Yesterday someone had a post up about introverts, and their various quirks. I should say, our various quirks, since I'm one myself. I commented that I was somewhere in the middle of the introversion/extroversion scale . She replied that many creative types she knew fell somewhere in this category; but that musicians would be revitalized by the audience, even if they didn't  feel like getting up in front of folks.
        This is well-meaning, but very much an outsider's view. Oboy, I feel a blog coming on. 
        Anyway! It's Sunday. Nowhere I gotta be, nobody I gotta see. Yesterday was pretty productive, with both physical exercise(Cardio)and guitar practice. Even posted a new one on YouTube.  
       Nothing on the books for me until Saturday. It's listed on the Gigs page, if you're interested. A two-hour gig downtown. Hopefully this will be a fun two hours. I've pretty much sworn off playing bars, and this is a restaurant/bar, so we'll see how it goes. 
      In the meantime, I have some more practicing to do- it never ends!- and a blog to write. As always, with the playing, anything salvageable I happen to tape, I'll be glad to share with you via my YouTube page. 
      As ever, thanks for reading. Happy Sunday to you. I'm outa here. More later.
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