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    Wednesday, October 10th, 2018 11:17 AM


    CoolA bleak, rainy day out there. After today, temperatures plummet from the 70's to the 50's. I'm not ready for the temperature to drop at all, let alone make a 20 degree nosedive. More Indian Summer, please.And I'm especially  not ready for the descent into Winter which is coming soon enough. 
         Yesterday was a pretty good day for the guitar. Got in a couple sessions, which is how I like to do it. Sometimes it takes a couple to get fully warmed-up. Recorded a slow blues, which is kind of notey(even for me!)but still works as far as hanging together, a somewhat quicker blues, a medium up thing with an organ trio doing Impressions changes, and a half-assed version of If I Were a Bell. 
         In the 1998 incarnation of my band- with Amy Smith on vocals; Jeff Rogers on bass; Don Cochran on drums- we did If I Were a Bell as a part of the Amy set. We'd do maybe 40 minutes of vocal stuff and then end every set as a trio. Looking back, that worked out nicely. The vocal set attracted more people(naturally)and we got to do whatever we wanted for about 15 minutes afterward. 
       Another tune we did with Amy was I've Got Your Love to Keep Me Warm. Medium up tempo, with lots of cool diminished chords in there. Almost creepy, those chords. Cool tune. 
       My Dad used to tell a story about me, aged 3 or 4. He was working at the piano on an arrangement and came to a diminished chord. I begged him to show me what that was, and then he had to put up with me playing it for what at least must've seemed like the rest of the day. God help this person--he's going to be a musician!
      Well, so much for associative memories.
      Yesterday's post may have been a little pedantic, all that hoohah about brain parts. But that stuff is fascinating to me! And I like to share- lucky you- under the often misguided assumption that everyone else will find it as interesting as I do. 
      Thanks for reading, as ever. Happy Wednesday to you. I'm outa here. More later. 
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