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    Thursday, May 31st, 2018 10:09 AM


    Cool Another glorious day. In bed at 12:43, up at 7 and then 9:15. My head hit the pillow and that's the last thing I remember. A full night of dreams, which stuck around for just a minute before fading into the ethers. I only remember that they were pleasant, and that there were different scenarios, different backgrounds. 
        Anyway. A nice sunny day out there. Yesterday was an errand and exercise day. Had a good Cardio session and paid a few entities their damn money. A new sticker for my vehicle, and the first of two installments of Property Tax. That's why I said entities rather than people. 
       Tried to get some guitaring going yesterday, but not much happening. Maybe I was a bit pooped from all the running around. Still, got some practice in. Trying to be consistent with my shedding. After hearing people like Guthrie Govan and Matteo Mancuso, I feel like I want to/need to practice about 10 hours a day. 
      These guys are to the guitar what Michael Brecker was to the tenor saxophone. They've greatly expanded the language of the instrument, pushed it forward. 
      Hopefully some more guitar playing from me today. Nothing else I've gotta do. I've paid all the -entites- I owe money to, have clean clothes to wear and fresh food to eat. All set. Well, we'll see what develops, if anything. And as ever, I'll be glad to share whatever is salvageable. Many are called, but few are chosen, as far as that goes. 
     Okay. Way more than enough jabbering from me this morning. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Happy Thursday to you. More later. 
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