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    Monday, August 20th, 2018 12:22 PM

    Another Peaceful Monday

    Cool What can I say? It's Monday again. Usually a quiet day here in Samland, especially if I've played the day before. These days, Wednesday is normally my get-things-done day. Ease on into that week. 
          Much practicing yesterday, but nothing jumped up and screamed, 'Put me on YouTube!" So I didn't. I heeded the call to inaction. Still, a fairly productive session. Jazz is a virtuostic art, and you need your chops to be as good, as efficient as possible. It's the ideas that really matter, but you need the facility to be able to play them. So I continue to plug along..
        I've got a blog I'm working on in my head. It has to do with audiences. 
        A memory from the road. Played in a 7-piece band, which did a wide variety of stuff, from actual floor shows(with actual choreography I a had to learn)to contemporary pop and country stuff. It was a weeknight. We'd just played,and the drummer and I were heading  back to our rooms.
      "Sam, we didn't reach 'em tonight."
      I think I just stood there in awe, as that was a perspective so far removed from mine. As far as I was concerned, it was a crowd of people who just wanted to dance and get drunk and get lucky. If they stopped by and paid us a compliment, great! Thanks. But they weren't there for us. There was no one to reach. And since when did it become our Mission in the first place? 
       We also had a conversation about song lyrics. Not being a singer, I don't ordinarily pay much attention to them. He was telling me that the words to one of our songs(and not a song we wrote, as we only played covers)was about the Vietnam War. 
    "And what does knowing this have to do with my playing the song?" I had to ask.
    "It helps you in how to interpret the song".
      Another look from me, as if to another life form I've never seen. Am I going to play the chords differently now that I know the subject matter of the lyrics? Will there be a certain sadness in my strumming now that I understand the pathos and moral ambiguity of the Vietnam War?
       I'm probably a bit cynical after all these years, but I like to think I'm pragmatic. When I play music in front of people, I'm thinking more about the music and the other musicians making it with me. Making sure it works, or at least that I've done my best toward that end. If the audience likes it, great! If not, I'll still get my money and go home.
      This is one of my longer posts. I can tell I need to write a blog. Thanks for reading as ever. Happy Monday to you. I'm gone. More later. 
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