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    Tuesday, August 21st, 2018 11:26 AM

    Tuesday Welding

    Cool Good morning. It's Tuesday. Dark skies spell rain. Well okay they don't actually spell the word r-a-i-n, but they're darker than they should be at eleven in the morning. Which, by all indications, means that rain is imminent. Also very soon..
        My cat Cindy is with me here at the computer, getting her belly rubbed. She likes having her belly rubbed, especially if it distracts me from doing something else. Like writing this drivel. So she's purring away. 
      Music news. About damn time, right? Last night's listening was Pork, by Robin Taylor. Taylor is a creative fellow who lives in Copenhagen(English Dad, Danish Mom)and makes some unusual sounds. I have 2 of his CDs: November and Pork. November is very dark, and a little disturbing- but very expressive. Pork is also expressive and less on the dark and disturbing side. 
       Robin Taylor is one of maybe five Danish musicians I've met online. We're also friends on Facebook. He used to get a kick out of the fact that I'd sign off on Fridays(during my working years)with yabba dabba doo. American cartoons were big in Denmark when he was growing up. 
      I miss mp3.com. It was a site in which you could design your own profile, make your own CDs, have your own 'radio stations', and get to know musicians from all over the world. Had a lot of fun, and made some interesting contacts.  Folded in 2004 or so, at which point I got this site going.  
      Currently working on a blog for Roger U Roundly.  That just might be today's project. 
      Nothing on the books this week except a gig on Saturday. A two-hour affair at Arlington's. Never been there before. 
      That's all the news fit to print this morning. Thanks for reading. Ich bin outa here. More later.
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