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    Saturday, September 8th, 2018 12:09 PM


    Cool Another day of rain and storms. I haven't watched the news yet to see if any damage was done. There are several viaducts here in town which of course become deadly with all this rain. Having them unusable makes it tricky to get across town. 
         Still behind the 8-ball as far as sleep, but I did get in a pretty good 45 minute "power nap" this morning. It helped. Well, that plus coffee. 
         This is an apolitical news page, and I want to keep it that way. I do have my views on all this, but I don't share them here. One thing that amused me recently was "plaid shirt guy", who was mugging behind the President until he and his friends were told to leave, and replaced by two very attractive young women who were all smiles. 
        Reminds me of a story from the road. I played in a 7-piece group from the tail end of '84 to the Spring of 1986. Our bandleader did much of the singing, but also had a female vocalist. They were doing a duet, and I was standing right behind them. Couldn't help but do a little mugging myself. Dean, our bandleader, turned to me at one point and said, "Sam- you're getting laughs!"  He wasn't seriously perturbed with me, but still had his job to do. So I desisted. 
       Fortunately, I wasn't replaced. Nobody told me to take a hike. I think Dean even found it slightly amusing. But it was a bit disruptive. I was being a naughty boy..
        That's all I've got for now. As ever, thanks for reading. Happy Saturday to you. I'm outa here. More later. 
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