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    Saturday, September 1st, 2018 11:01 AM


    Cool Just a sittin and a scratchin'. I think there's a tune called Just a sittin and a rockin'. Never played it but it's always a point of reference. Sitting and scratching was my Mom's expression for just doing nothing.
         It's about all I'm good for when I first wake up. Still swimming around in the netherworld of dreams. What I remember, if anything, are more the scenarios and the feelings engendered by those places. One is a High School, another is a sort of work environment complete with 'astral' co-workers(and without the stress), and another is a lobby I got from someplace. The Yacht Club maybe..
       In the High School dreams, I'm usually flunking out of something, or am horribly behind in one subject or another. And they consist more of hallways than classrooms. I've had a lot of dreams in this setting. Great symbolism. 
       I've never played music in my dreams, but I've had nightclub settings, usually somehow reminiscent of the old State House Inn. 
      My Doctor, at my last checkup, suggested writing them down. I might start doing that again. Did that as a much younger person, early 20s, and found that when I 'transcribed' my dream activity, it got more episodic and more involved. And just plain weirder, if that's possible.
       The content, if you're able to nail it down(as this stuff seems to dissolve in your hands like Fairy Dust, as you try to remember), is usually something ridiculous. In one dream a lady I used to work with was criticizing my fishing ability. In another, another person I used to work with was a tailor for 4 different midgets, each 4 feet tall. 
      Okay. Music News. You were wondering when I was going to get around to it. So was I. for that matter. Well, not much happening, at least as far as outside activity. But I am shedding a lot these days. And even making some decent YouTube videos. At least I think they're decent.
       I've hit a place where I'm starting to improve again. Seems like you plod along forever in your practicing, trying to fix certain snags in your playing, and without apparent success.  And then it clicks. You're able to do what you couldn't before, whether that's a chops issue or maybe just keeping good time. Or whatever. 
      So I'm enjoying a boost in my playing. More to come as far as YouTube videos. 
      Well I guess that's it for now. This must be a longass post, with all that dream stuff. Hopefully fun to read. It was fun to write. Thanks for reading as ever. I'm outa here. More later.  
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