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    Friday, September 7th, 2018 4:29 PM


    Frown Well they were right in their prognostications. The weather folks, that is. The deluge is here. Today and tomorrow. Double the fun.. So glad I had work done on my basement back in April.(Just went down there to check, and the concrete they poured is doing its job). 
         This week has sucked, at least 3/5 of it. A good Monday, a shitty Tuesday, a fair-to-middlin' Wednesday, and a relatively shitty Thursday and Friday(but the verdict is still out on today).  Exercise always helps put things back on track though. Got 3 Cardio sessions in this week, which is about what I should be doing. Not much fun driving to and from the Fit Club today in the pouring rain, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do..
          Getting older isn't all that bad- at least not yet-  but it does seem to require more maintenance. Fortunately, I actually like exercise, even weight-training. Grueling but fun. 
         Music news. I didn't think I had any, but actually I've posted new stuff on YouTube on Monday and Tuesday of this week. And there's all kindsa listening in the CD section as well, stuff from my various CDs. It's been a week largely behind the 8-ball,  and fatigue isn't conducive to playing. I've played gigs when I was tired or otherwise under the weather, and it seems like you can usually dig in and overcome those obstacles- at least until the gig's over. But at home I have to be rested to want to play. And I don't like to play if I'm depressed. I know a piano player here in town who loves to play in that state of mind, but it ain't me. 
      Fortunately, I'm usually rested and usually in a decent mood. So more to come. As ever, thanks for reading. Happy Friday to you. Paddle home safely. Ich bin outa here. More later, 
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