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    Monday, June 18th, 2018 10:07 AM

    Another Peaceful Monday

    Cool RIP Dave Lanier. Two of the four brothers have now passed away. Nice knowing you, and good luck with whatever follows this life. (I don't know, but I surmise that there's something else).
        Looks like another scorcher on our hands. In bed at 1:13, up at 9. Despite the heat, a good night's sleep. I couldn't get much of anything going yesterday. Tried to play guitar, but not much inspiration. I think it was meant to be a day of sloth and inactivity. Too damn hot for much else. 
       No more gigs for awhile. Next up is July 20 at Robbie's, and then two dates in August. Got the calendar just where I want it, and am not planning on taking any more jobs. Well, unless they're in September or later. 
       Today and Wednesday are Dental days. A cleaning today, and a longer session on Wednesday. All necessary stuff. Will be glad to get all this out of the way though, and return to my nice unstructured life. 
       Actually I have a pretty ordered life, but it's my routine and no one else's. Always easier to follow a schedule if you're the one doing the scheduling. Gotta get back to my Cardio sessions, for one thing. 
       I think, with the busy week I just emerged from, that I'm just 'peopled out'. Roger Ebert may be a natural extrovert, but I'm not. More like an ambivert, somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. I can play the extrovert: Sam Crain, damn glad to meet you! (That was Sam Crain. He was damn glad to meet you. *)but I get overloaded after awhile and have to get the hell away from all that hubbub and off by myself to recharge..
      So maybe this will be a week of recharging batteries. And practice. I'm finding that I need to practice more to have the facility to play like I'd like to. If I'm going to play, I'd like to do it well.
      This is probably enough verbiage outa me for now. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Happy Monday, which still sounds like a contradiction in terms. More later.
    *That was a reference to the movie Animal House. 1978. Damn, I'm getting old...
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