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    Sunday, November 19th, 2017 10:31 AM


    CoolAnd it's a beautiful bright sunny day out there. We were due for a day like this. Probably a bit nippy out there- what will feel warm in a couple months.
      Yesterday was a good guitar day. I had several practice sessions, and even taped a few things. One new piece on YouTube, called mocha moksha.
      Moksha is from Buddhism and also Hinduism and means freedom, liberation. Synonymous with nirvana. I seem to be dipping into that stuff more and more these days. Read a very interesting book recently, "Why Buddhism is True" by Robert Wright, which approaches Buddhism as a practice, also incorporating ideas from evolutionary psychology and neuroscience.
      Also reading online. Reading about Hinduism as well, noting the similarities and differences. It's the kind of stuff you read in your 20's and return to in your 60's.
      As a young guy, I read a lot of Alan Watts, and also Hermann Hesse and Krishnamurti. And of course Ram Dass. My copy of Be Here Now is falling apart but still there..

      Sorry, got off track here. All too easy in the morning, swilling down that first cup of Morning Joe. I'm not very talkative first thing in the morning, but I seem to be able to run off at the mouth in writing.
      A fairly busy week ahead, at least for me. Monday evening there's a rehearsal for a Saturday gig with the Samba Llamas. Thursday is Thanksgiving, and this year I'm spending a good chunk of it with friends.
      Time to refresh my coffee. As ever, thanks for reading, whoever-you-are. Happy Sunday to you! More later.
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