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    Friday, October 13th, 2017 11:07 AM


    CoolA bright and sunny day in the neighborhood, even if it is one of those sun n' clouds affairs. Illinois weather, at least here in the middle of the state, is some mercurial shit. Always has been.
      My cat eventually forgave me for whatever infraction I committed. But it was a frosty morning around here. A little occasional drama is a small price to pay for all the good times we have. Well, that and her habit of ralphing up her dinner- being a longhair and all.
      Two new ones on YouTube. I had a pretty inspired day of practicing. One is a funk blues and the other is The Song is You. I'm proud of both of them, proud of the good time I was keeping.
      It's nice to be finally succeeding at something I've worked for .Worked hard for. So I'm starting to see the fruits of my labors in a much improved time-feel.
      Someone jokingly told me that as far as my YouTube posts, I'm "not a perfectionist". He's right. 
      I do let a clam or two slide here and there, this is true- but in my mind, that's the nature of improvisation. What I don't let slide is time issues. Tempo tantrums(gee I wish I'd come up with that one myself!). As long as there aren't too many clams, I'm more interested in the feel.
     So as far as I can manage it, all my YouTube posts will have a good time-feel. That quality of swing..
      Hopefully more guitar playing today. I was getting into a pretty good groove yesterday, so I might be 'chasin' that dragon' today..
      Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. And happy Friday- TGIF if it applies. More later.

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