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    Monday, October 16th, 2017 12:38 PM

    Monday motormouth

    CoolA beautiful bright sunny day out there. In bed at 1, up at 9 or so.
       Waking up in the morning is sometimes a jarring experience. Once I'm up for awhile, I'm fine. But there's an abruptness about it at first- as if I'm plunged back into this world from the more peaceful world of sleep(most of the time), and with little or no memory of the nocturnal adventures I've been on.
       Today most of the world is back to work. At least it's a nice Monday. The unemployment office(my former place of employment for 22 years) will still be packed, but people are less likely to be unpleasant. Despair is harder to come by on a sunny day.
      Music News. Next gig is next month. And then I have a whopping 3 in December. One advantage I have at this point is that I can work as much or as little as I want to. Looks like more trio gigs are forthcoming. These are so nutritious I can't say no- even if it ends up being more gigs than I wanted.
      Guitar trio gigs are good for my playing. I work harder, but learn how to be an effective 'lead' instrument, how to carry the ball. Lots of musical nutrients in there.
      Doing gigs just to be doing gigs is not something I'm interested in. I've paid those dues. These days I just do the fun ones, and/or things that are good for my playing, like the guitar trio stuff.
    Part of it with me is also an aversion to noise and crowds. I think it goes with getting older- and just possibly with having spent the last two decades working in a big noisy room full of people.
      When I first left my job I played lots of gigs. And the noise/crowds thing soon started to get to me. Smaller, less populated venues are much easier, even though they may not be profitable to their owners.
      I think I'll always love playing. But playing out is another matter. More wariness, more ambivalence there. I still haven't resolved all that, so the best thing I know to do is just play them in moderation. Preserves the fun and staves off the negative aspects.
         Stuff like YouTube is great for me, as I can share my music more often, without dealing with the noise and crowds . Doesn't replace live gigs but it supplements them.
      So much for my Monday soapbox. Sorry for the length. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. More later.
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