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    Saturday, January 20th, 2018 10:41 AM


    Cool Hello, whoever-reads-this. One of my favorite parts of the day is waking up with my Morning Joe(3 or so cups)and writing something in here. 
       A gig last night at Robbie's. One of my favorite places to play. Actually there aren't that many anymore: Robbie's, The Alamo..Had no chops to speak of(until the last couple tunes!), but still tried to contribute to the music. 
      When playing a job, any job, your primary duties are in making the music sound good- in particular making the person who hired you sound good(!). I also try to play interesting solos, but that's an ancillary duty as far as I'm concerned. Your first responsibility is to the sound as a whole. 
      We were all 'there' for our two sets, so it went well. If you've all got your ears on, it usually does. Much fun, chops or no chops. 
      Leaving the gig, I was headed to my car with my amp and music stand, intending to go back for my guitar. Got talking to the drummer, who was heading to his car, got into mine and drove home. No guitar! 
      This was a helluva note. Unloading at home, my first thought was that it was stolen. Then again, I do take precautions as far as that goes: locking all the doors(although I could've missed one). so it's likely still at Robbie's waiting for me. 
      Thank God the sax player/vocalist who hired me was still there at Robbie's and able to drop my guitar off here at the house. We had a pretty good laugh over it. This sort of thing has happened to every musician at one time or another. 
      And I was glad that the week still ended better than it started. Having a stolen guitar would've plummeted my spirits. 
      I did have an amp stolen once. It was on the road, Texas I think. The insurance company paid me back, but they took forever. I got me my money. 
      Sorry for that profiling. I just thought back to working in the unemployment office, how arrogant people got about what they felt entitled to. Whites were every bit as obnoxious as blacks, so it wasn't a color issue. My %&^$ money!
       Well when you don't have any, or not enough, of course the world looks like that to you. I don't know how I got here this morning, but I'm going to exheunt from this. 
      That's right. Exheunt. Exit, stage right. Yes, I'm thinking of Snagglepuss here.
       No other news to share as yet. Just getting back in the saddle with a working computer. More guitar playing will follow. As ever, thanks for tuning in, whoever-reads-this. More later. 
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