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    Wednesday, October 18th, 2017 10:33 AM

    WKRP in Barrie Youngfellow

    CoolI woke up this morning with an Ear Worm. The theme song to the 70's TV show WKRP in Cincinnati. Still running through my head. I found the first season out at Wal-Mart, and have yet to begin binge proceedings.
      Actually I remember the show from 1978 or so, when it was first aired. Good stuff. I was a college kid out in Baltimore, and used to catch it regularly- along with the local commercials for Mr Ray's Hair Weave.
      Funny how stars come and go. Another worm this morning was an actress who played Andy Travis' love interest. Barrie Youngfellow. A very cute redhead. Wonder whatever became of her, to quote the song.
      Anyway! It's a bright sunny day out there. In bed at 1:15, up at around 9:30. Working that first cup of Joe and trying to fire up those brain cells.
      Yesterday was more of a workout day. Did 8 miles worth of Cardio: a rather grueling half-hour on one of the bikes, and then an easier 30 minutes on the treadmill. I like the idea of "core" exercises such as the bike. They work you from the inside out.

      Tried to make music last night. Not much poetry, but at least a little bit of practice. You can't have a boner all the time, to quote a fellow music student- strangely enough, back in the 70's.
      Indeed, I went through a whole schoolyear without much tumescence,  turning out hardly anything in the way of new compositions- and then had a stoopid productive summer, when it all just sort of gushed out of me. Nine new pieces. Nine of them(!).

      And here we are, some 40 years later. Retired, and with all the time in the world for composing and playing music. And I still have my dry and wet spells.
      Time for cup # of Morning Joe. This is probably more than enough to read. And as always, thanks for reading, whoever-you-are. Inspiration or not, it's a beautiful day out there. I'm going to enjoy it. Later.

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