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    Thursday, January 11th, 2018 9:49 AM

    Happy gloomy-ass Thursday

    CoolWhat a difference a day makes! A much better night's sleep. It's still dark and cloudy, but that's easier to take with your full 7 hours of shuteye behind you.
      There are two new entries on my Gigs page. One job is a week from tomorrow, the other next month. And some more  possibilities for March. If I work once or twice a month, that's enough for me. I don't need the money(even though it always helps!), and I don't need the experience of playing gigs- but I do need to get out of the house and socialize, so in that respect the gigs are still helpful.
      There is also a new post on my site Mr Know-it-all. Check it out if you so desire.
      'Bout time for that second cup of Morning Joe. Last night I did some digging on YouTube and found some clips from a boxer I used to watch in the early 80's- John "The Heat" Verderosa. There was even an interview with him.
      The thing about boxing is that the damage can add up from fight to fight, a little at a time until you've got some serious impairments. Mainly they just seem to get punchy- slowed and not as articulate. There was a little of that with Verderosa in the interview, but I think he got out of the game relatively unscathed.
      I don't know how I got on to boxing. These hands of mine were meant for playing guitar and fondling women(given the chance), but I like to watch other people beating the tar out of one another. Not for the violence and destruction but more for the action.

      Anyway, that's my news for today. I'm still practicing most every day, and still taping this or that. Just haven't found a this or that I think is suitable for YouTube. Nothing new for a little while now, but there are still a lot of cuts you probably haven't heard, so I'd still recommend stopping in.
      Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Happy gloomyass Thursday. More later.

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