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    Saturday, October 21st, 2017 10:40 AM

    Sam's Saturday Sadhana

    CoolThis morning's ear worm: what do you do with a drunken sailor? Earli in the morning.
      Just after 10, a sun n' clouds day, got cup of Joe #1 going.
      Music News. A new solo guitar piece up on YouTube. I think it's all of 53 seconds. Also recorded Autumn Leaves as a solo piece. I love solo guitar, but it's tough. You have to concentrate more than with a band where the drummer and/or bass player can bail you out. But I love writing little pieces like this new one. Hopefully more to come on that note.
      I do the most do-overs, it seems, with the solo stuff. It's more exacting, and you're the only one carrying the ball. But at least from these successive attempts, you can continue to hone and refine what you have into something- well, musical!
      Brickleberry. Watched all 3 seasons of it on Netflix. Would like to see an unexpurgated version, with the cuss words and body parts left in. On the plus side, I applaud their gutsiness in going 'all out'. On the minus side, much of their humor is stupid or cruel. Those two qualities wear on you after awhile.

         By the end I felt like I'd watched something written by Beavis and Butthead. Not Mike Judge, their creator(who, to his credit, did turn out a decent show in King of the Hill), but Beavis and Butthead themselves. Or, as I like to call them, Beavis and Butt-plug.
      Other viewing awaits.
      While viewing this various stuff, I do see some parallels with making music. A good show, like a good band, draws the listener in. In Paul Hindemith's A Composer's World, he talks about this very process: where the listener is engaged in solving the puzzle, unraveling the mystery.
      That's what a well-made show, or a well-made musical composition, achieves. And that's what I shoot for in making CDs.
      How about that? I digressed, as usual, but I brought it back to topic. Just like they segue on the news from whatever to the weather in their 'conversations'. "Speaking of farm animals, it's gonna be a hot one today"..
      Okay, this is enough from me. Thanks for reading,whoever-reads-these. Happy Saturday! More later.

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