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    Monday, October 23rd, 2017 10:51 AM

    A peaceful but dismal Monday

    CoolIt's Monday once again! A day I used to bemoan in my working life. It marked the end of my weekend(which was quite often nice and peaceful)and a return to "hell".
       Monday at work almost always involved a crowd of disgruntled customers, some of them waiting in their cars for our doors to open. So along with the gust of air from the opened doors was a salvo of 'bad' air in the form of our customers' complaints.
      Not a good way to start the week, listening to people bitch and bellyache, however justified their malaise may be. But it was the way our week always started. As jarring as a screaming alarm clock, maybe more so. At least you can turn the clock off..
      And, this being a dark cloudy Monday morning, I'm sure they've got a throng of folks in that lobby as we speak. I'm talking about the unemployment office, where I spent 22 years taking care of folks--a few of which I'm sure are still going in there.!
      Mondays are nice and peaceful now. Sundays, which have always been good, are now especially unfettered, since there's no dread-of-Monday to loom over you in the evening.
      Music News. A Foggy Day on solo guitar, now on my YouTube page. Still working on the other side of the room as far as home-recording. A couple things there. I like to get a handful of pieces before I remix. Also, it's good to let them sit there awhile. You're able to view them a little more objectively, and thus separate the wheat from the chaff.
        And sometimes time reverses them again on you. What you thought was hot really wasn't. And what you were ready to scrap turns out to have more going than you'd  thought. That's part of the fun...
      Well that's all I've got for this morning. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. More later. Happy(or at least tolerable)Monday to you.



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