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    Tuesday, October 24th, 2017 10:16 AM

    Torpid Tuesday

    CoolAnother dark and rainy day. 
      Yesterday was a get-things-done day. Domestic stuff. And a session with my various dumbbells and kettle bell. Somehow, no music was made.
      Hoping for a more musical day today. At least some guitar practice.
        I've been working without the digital camera, just running over scale and pattern stuff. Also working with my picking hand, trying to rid it of the bad habit of leaning on the strings.
      Some years back, I broke myself of the habit of anchoring my pinky, which was a major overhaul. (Thanks to Rick Haydon of SIU-Edwardsville, with whom I had two guitar lessons, the first of which endeavored to change my right hand).
      It took a long time to feel right, but ultimately made a big difference in my playing. Much greater range of motion, and thus more fluidity. I've just gotta keep myself from leaning on those strings. An adjustment, but a comparatively minor one. The big one was getting that pinky off the pickguard.
      Really, there's no wrong or right way to pick. Whatever blows your skirt up. Seriously, whatever works for you. The late great Emily Remler, in a Star Licks Video, said that she'd always anchored her pinky. And she had great fluidity on the instrument. She even said that she tried to convert her technique to not anchoring, but that it "didn't do a damn thing".
      For me, it needed to be done. So I tend to teach that way, but am not dogmatic about it. Whatever technique best serves your ideas is the one to go for. Remember, technique is a servant, not a master.
      Okay. So much for my two cents on plectrum technique(s). Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Mor later.
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