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    Monday, January 22nd, 2018 11:30 AM

    Another Peaceful Monday

    Cool  Good morning, whoever-reads-this. It's one of those sun n' clouds affairs today- a partly to mostly nice day. 
        Starting to get my guitar chops back. Last week was a bust as far as practicing. Computer woes seemed to take over- and it was one of those situations where my best judgment was out for a beer.
       Do you remember The Out-of-Towners? Not the remake but the original with Jack Lemmon and Sandra Dennis. George Kellerman, the Jack Lemmon character, has a chance to make a decision every step of the way that would've made things much smoother. But he shoots himself in the foot every time. That was me this past week.
      No one to blame but myself. Sucks, but at least I'm owning up to it. 
      Anyway. A brand new week is underway. One of the folks I used to work with saw Monday morning as another chance to get it right. I actually agree with her on that point(though not on many others), but prefer to ease into Monday morning rather than jump in. She was, in addition to her Monday 'credo', a morning person, so her controls were set to 'full gab'. Irritating as hell if you're not a 'morning person'. Maybe even if you are..
      Mornings are so nice now, since they don't involve morning people. Just me and my two cats(if they should need attention)and my refillable cup of coffee. My Morning Joe, as it were. 
      This is still one of my favorite parts of the day. Sitting here swilling the morning coffee and writing something in here. 
      The calendar is starting to fill up. Got one in February and two in March. This seems to work better for me, taking just a few gigs each month, one or two. It keeps the novelty in there. Every gig is a fresh experience since there are so few of them. If I'm doing more than that, then the negative aspects start to emerge. 
      Those would be, in a nutshell, noise/crowds/not meeting women. And that is why I keep my gigs to one or two in a month. 
      It's a conundrum. I don't have the answer. What I do have is at least a temporary solution, which is just to keep the public performances at a minimum. That way I'm not concerned with whether I'll meet someone, and still relatively impervious to the crowd and their noise. 
      And I gotta say. I'm happier, calmer, I sleep better with a light-to-nonexistent schedule. So as long as that's working, I'll keep on keepin' on. 
      It might be cool again to take on a student or two. That seems to happen, or not happen, of its own accord, so we'll just have to see.
      But whether I'm playing out or playing in, I'm still here! Still making music to share. Realizing that I'm probably more of a writer than player- or at least am more suited temperamentally to that occupation. Behind the scenes.
      Okay, so much for my thrilling life. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Just morning coffee thoughts. More later, and hopefully more music to share. Happy Monday, if that's not too self-contradictory. (Self-contradictory?)
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