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    Monday, October 30th, 2017 10:32 AM

    Monday motormouth

    CoolBack to overcast skies. Nature's unsmiling face. Yesterday I did my Cardio stuff and the day before I lifted weights. Today will probably be a day of rest, at least from exercise.
        I did get reacquainted with the guitar last night, after a relatively crummy week for guitar-practice. . Had a pretty good  session and even recorded a few things. As well as running scales and patterns, I also practice solo guitar things.Got one of those, pending another listen.

      One problem with playing solo is that you're your own timekeeper. The melodies were usually just fine, and then things would speed up horribly when I'd solo.
      One solution to this, I've found,  is to have two distinctly different tempos. So I have a My Romance that works that way: a rubato melody and then a tempo for the solo, then back to the original atempo.
      Seems like solo guitar would be something pretty viable as far as getting different gigs. I should continue to work on my solo stuff. Then look for whatever opportunities exist.
      I've also been working on playing more chordally. Using chord progressions in my solos. I'm thinking of some of Wes Montgomery's chordal solos, which were amazing! He's known best for his 'octave' technique(which never really grabbed me), but in my opinion, there are other sides to his playing which were far cooler. Those chord solos for starters. His lines also were ingenious.
      The whole thing here is variety. How to make an interesting solo. One big way, of course, is to break it up: have a chordal sequence, then a line, then space, then more chords, etc. I get too carried away with the lines, and just plain forget to play any chords.
      So that's what I've been working on. The same stuff I've always worked on: lines, chords, leaving space, playing in good time. The same stuff all of us guitar players work on...
      Okay. I rambled a bit. It happens, particularly with advancing age. So shoot me! Anyway, thanks as ever for reading(if you made it this far), whoever-reads-this. More later.
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