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    Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018 10:46 AM

    A Pensive Tuesday

    Cool Good morning, whoever-reads-this. Still messing with the font size, which ends up too small or too big. Other than that, we're off and running with another beautiful day. Actually it's another dark overcast day- but warmer! Still, a new day ahead. 
       After last week's hassles with the computer, I think we're finally okay. You realize how enslaved you are to all this technology when it breaks down. You're not "connected" anymore. 
      Been trying to practice a bit more this week, and am feeling chops returning. I put one up on YouTube, and may share it with the bookFace viewers. 
      A few more items on the calendar. Trying to stay away from bar gigs. Three reasons: late hours , noisy and crowded(two reasons in one)and I don't drink anymore. I didn't turn them down outright, but did express a disinterest in playing them. 
      I hate to be difficult. But sometimes you just need to be honest, which usually entails expressing a not-so-popular opinion, one which runs contrary to the wishes of everyone else(or at least the one doing the booking). Sometimes you have to stand your ground. 
      So at the moment I have two dates next month and two in March. That's about right. With relatively few dates on the calendar, playing them doesn't lose its novelty. And with the novelty of playing a gig, you don't get around to noticing the things you don't like: noise, crowds, lack of social opportunities. You're too concerned with the music, having too much fun in the present moment. 
      The real solution here is just to live in the present, so that everything has novelty. Much much easier said than done. But that's where the best(or at least most inspired)music comes from. So you at least try to be focused in the present while you're playing. 
      It's a dark one out there today. Bleak even. More guitar playing today, and as usual, anything salvageable goes on YouTube. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. More later. 
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