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    Sunday, January 28th, 2018 9:54 AM

    Sunday bloody Sunday

    Cool A gracious good morning to whoever-besides-me reads this stuff. It's a beautiful sunny day out there, and I'm right where I like to be at this hour of the morning. Here with my first cup of Morning Joe. The computer fired right up this morning without me having to do anything other than just turn on the power. I love that!
      We have happiness when we have sadness taken away. And we have sadness when we have happiness taken away. Life is. 
      Those were words said to me when I was about 18 or 19. Remembering them now, and also how much truth there is in them..
      Watched A Futile and Stupid Gesture last night on Netflix. It's the story of Doug Kenney, who with Henry Beard, started the National Lampoon. I was a huge NatLamp fan back in their heyday. We used to read it in the dorm at Peabody, very much like the "far-out heads in room 101B" from their Letters. 
      The movie itself was probably two stars, maybe two and a half. Had its moments but they didn't know how to end it('food fight' is a trite choice, I'm sorry), and it didn't really leave you with anything. Maybe sorrow for the poor guy who can't handle his success and has his life set on self-destruct.
      But I loved the magazine. Mostly for the humor, but Sam has a terrible weakness for big boobs, so part of the attraction was the Foto Funnies. Humor and hormones..
      Not much else to say this morning, except that I'm thrilled to have a working computer again. One saving grace here is that you get a little better at fixes. 
       Still making tapes from the various YouTube playalongs, may be doing more of that today. As always, whatever I do that's salvageable I share with you guys. So thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Happy Sunday to you! More later. 
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