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    Monday, January 29th, 2018 8:59 AM

    Another Peaceful Monday

    Frown Not a great start to the week. Didn't sleep very well at all last night, much tossing and turning. Sometimes this happens even if you're doing everything you're supposed to be doing.
      Fortunately I have a lot more good days than bad ones. Only one other draggin'ass day this month and that was back on the 10th. So when they're isolated like this, they're much easier to shake off. 
      It's a dark day out there, cold and with a light snow- a dusting..One saving grace here is that I don't have a job I've got to get to
      Coffee helps on a day like today. So does meditation. And I've got a few clean-up projects here at home that should keep me occupied. This stuff will help me get to sleep tonight, since I'll have done something- and also gives me a little closure, which aids the sleep process. Undone work can sometimes aid in that tossing and turning..
     Working on a new blog for Mr Know-it-all. Probably have it finished today. Also still practicing. One new entry on YouTube.,
    hopefully more. 
     I feel like I'm getting a second wind as far as doing something musical. Probably another recording project. Since retiring, I've released two CDs: Guitar Psychosis and Jazz Guitar 2015.
    Neither has sold worth a shit, so I've been a bit discouraged toward starting up another one. And on Jazz Guitar 2015 I did all the "right" stuff; had guest musicians on there, included a couple standards(for recognizability), and even gave it a nice functional title.  Another case of doing everything right and still failing! Well, people still stream, but..
    Still, making recordings is what I do. The world just doesn't feel right unless I'm all involved in one project or another. So I'm still fixing to do a couple things on CD Baby, this time download only, no physical CD. 
    Okay, this is probably enough morning chatter. Cat on lap anyway, soon to drape herself over my left arm and reduce me to one-handed typing(which I can do, but not easily). Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Happy, or at least tolerable Monday to you. More later. 
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