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    Saturday, March 25th, 2017 9:47 AM

    Sam's Saturday Sadhana

    Cool A rainy, overcast day out there today. Tossed and turned a bit, but finally drifted off into slumberland. So, a C- on both counts. Actually, feeling more like a B- on a C- day. I'm still on that first cup o' Joe..
      Talked to someone from Illinois College yesterday, a saxophonist I've worked with before at Dr Ug's on a number of occasions. I haven't had to send anyone a resume in quite some time, so I had to dig one up.
      This would start in the Fall, probably a day a week like I was figuring. The only minuses to me would be that I don't play classical guitar, and don't have a Master's Degree. So we'll see how it shakes out. It may go to someone else(particularly if they have the two things I lack), or it may go to me. We shall see...
      Yesterday was a fair practice day as well. Got a couple new things uploaded to YouTube. I like to tape things when I'm practicing to see where I'm at with things like time and phrasing and so forth.
      We all have things that come easily to us and things we've got to work to get. Melody and harmony came naturally(though there was a lot of work involved), and rhythm is an area I still struggle with.
      One thing about time is that what you don't play is just as important, perhaps more so. It's the spaces between the notes that defines the time, and gives you the feel. My time is better than it was, but still not perfect. Oh well..
      And that's all I've got for news, for the moment. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. More later.
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