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    Tuesday, January 30th, 2018 10:34 AM

    Another Tepid Tuesday

    Cool A slightly better day today. In bed at 1, woke up at 6-something, then dozed for a couple more hours. Feeling a little fatigue this morning, but coffee usually takes care of that. Some of that at any rate. 
       Still reading Fire and Fury, about halfway into it. Michael Wolff makes me laugh, but it's more of a nervous laughter--as Dean Clark Hall used to say, "you laugh to keep from cryin'".
      He ran a band I played in way back when. December of 1984 to March of 1986. All in all, a lot of fun out there. It's the most traveling I've ever done: Nashua NH; St Louis MO; Dallas TX all in the first couple months with the band. We were as far north as Calgary/Edmonton, Alberta CANADA; and as far south as Matamoros MEXICO. 
      Not much else going on. Still working on my blog for Mr Know-it-all, pruning and polishing. It's called Everything I Know About Denmark. Partly inspired by the Netflix series Rita, which is about a skolelærer(schoolteacher). More words are coming back as I watch.
    Fun show, sorta like Nurse Jackie without the pathology. Sex is a lot more casual to them than to most of us, so Rita screws around a fair amount- quick, furtive sex in the back of a grocery store or wherever. 
      Not much on the books for now. One in February and three in March. I'm beginning to get a second wind as far as my musical activities, ready to get into something. I know that playing a lot more gigs isn't the answer, as I'll just come up against those things I don't like: noise/crowds/zero social opportunity. So maybe just a new project. Yeah, that's the ticket!
      Hopefully some more guitar playing today. Yesterday was spent, by and large, doing domestic stuff. One thing I've found that helps a sleep-deprived night is doing all those pesky chores you've been putting off. That way you have a sense of closure, which helps at that moment you should be drifting off into sleep. 
      Okay that's all I've got-and then some. A partly sunny day out there with a little more(but still not quite enough)sleep. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. More later. 
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