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    Wednesday, January 31st, 2018 11:25 AM

    Fuld fart på

    Frown Well here we are again. Another patch of draggin' ass days, meaning that there was a little less sleep than needed. Feeling a little tired, but still functional. This too shall pass...
       I still had a very productive day yesterday. Resurrected two old CD projects and uploaded both of them to CD Baby. They're not showing up on my page yet, but should be there sooner or later. 
      They're both solo efforts. The first is called Tele-ology, and is straight-ahead jazz with a few detours. So titled because I'm using a Fender Telecaster guitar on all the selections- and making a little philosophical joke. Teleology deals with end results, what happens when all is said and done. 
      The other one is called Sirens of Kumar. It's much more experimental. Some things remind me of the early Mahavishnu Orchestra stuff, and others are just weird in their own ways. Lots of guitars and keyboards in this one. Kumar is from the TV show The West Wing, and is a fictitious country in the Middle East. 
      So that's one thing I did yesterday. Tying up some loose ends. Not difficult uploading to CD Baby, but it is somewhat exacting. Music files have to be WAV, which is an easy thing to do. The artwork is the real bugaboo because it has to be so many pixels and such and such a resolution. 
      Found a way to add text right here on the computer, and found also that pics from my digital camera seem to pass muster. So I got creative and found some simple shots that would work. Very glad to have been able to take care of that myself. These projects have been sitting around here long enough. 
      And I've even got a third one, as far as CD projects. Just gotta find it here in my cluttered music room/laboratory. At least I've got those two done and hopefully soon out there in the world. 
      Fuld fart på. That means full speed ahead. I got that from the Nordskis. Sooner or later this sleep-deprived patch will end, and a good night's sleep will return. Most of my days are good, just every so often I slip. A common problem as you get older. 
      Anyway! Got something done yesterday. Probably get something done today as well. We're slipping back into Winter, of which we still have a good 5 or 6 weeks to get through. 
      That's all I've got for now. More coffee beckons. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. More later. 
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