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    Friday, February 2nd, 2018 10:55 AM


    Cool And it's Friday! I'm sure that most of the working world out there who are M-F'ers are glad to see that day they've waited for all damn week. TGIF, as it were..
       I now have two new CDs on the market. Sirens of Kumar went up this morning. Tele-ology is the other one. One relatively normal record and one relatively weird one. If you're reading this, hope you'll stop in and check out the new wares. 
      Still not out of the woods as far as sleep, but last night was just a little bit better. I've just been cooped up in the house too much, which is probably what brought this on. Working on recifying that. Tonight will probably be better still. 
      And I do have a third CD, which is close to being done. More material I've been sitting on for at least a year. This third one, as it turns out, is all keyboard as far as the instrumentation. No guitar. One of the few CDs I have out in which I don't play guitar somewhere in there. Neither good nor bad, just different.
      With these three out there, I should be pretty much caught up on my "backlog". Ready to start fresh. 
      I think I'm done with physical CDs though. Even if they sell, I'm still stuck with that extra box or two. And after all the recodings I've made, I've got a fair amount of boxes! So, no more clutter.
      Still nice, tired or not, writing this stuff in the morning, with a little help from several cups of coffee. And it's a beautiful sunny one at that- albeit cold as all getout. 
      Oh, and I have a new post on Mr Know-it-all.   Everything I Know About Denmark. Seemed apropos, since I'm watching a TV series made over there(Rita, on Netflix). 4 of their musicians are Facebook friends of mine. One even swapped a few CDs with me back in 'the day'. Never been there, but through their films(I still favor the 'weirder' ones)and the musicians I know a little bit, I know something about the place. 
      Can't think of much else to say here, so thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Happy Friday to you. More later. 
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