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    Saturday, July 8th, 2017 11:11 AM

    Sam's Saturday Sadhana

    CoolGetting back to nermal today. Colonoscopy was yesterday. First one I've ever done. Normally people do this when they hit 50, so I'm 12 years late. But better late than never.
      The prep for this procedure is supposed to be the worst. No solid food for an entire day. Then, at 5, you start taking the emetics: Dulcolex(?)tablets, Magnesium Citrate(probably the nastiest thing I had to ingest), and then 32 oz out of a 64 oz mix. The second half of the mix is consumed the next day, 6 hours before your procedure.
      It wasn't easy, but it wasn't gruelingly difficult either. No dramatics, but many trips to the bathroom. You just have to do it.
     The actual procedure is a walk in the park. By the time I'd reached this point, I was very relaxed. A little apprehensive, but more relaxed. It went by in an instant. Before I knew it, we were done. I don't even remember sleeping, even though they told me I was asleep.
      Afterwards, the surgeon came in to talk to me. They'd found some polyps, and removed them. "Good thing you came in", he said. "There's another person I worked on today- age 68-who didn't fare as well".
      So I guess this is my Public Service Message. If you're 50 or older, do the damn procedure- onerous as the prep may be... It will literally save your ass.
      Music news! One new thing on YouTube. Getting tired of the one or two-chord playalongs, but still having fun with some of them. This new one has a lot of energy to it, probably due to the last couple days I've had. Needed to blow off steam.
      Ended up listening to Emily Remler and one cut of Pat Martino. Both wonderful players. From their example, I heard some things I'm doing right as well as things I still have to work on. Sorta like I got a guitar lesson from both of them.
      Nothing in the coming week but a rehearsal on Sunday for something I'm doing on the 18th(see Gigs if interested). Looking forward to a nice stress-free stretch in there.
      Okay. That's all the news fit to print. Need to get another cup o' Joe(and with plenty of creamer, something I was denied for the past couple days)and forge ahead. Thanks for reading, whoever you are. More later.

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