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    Tuesday, February 6th, 2018 9:07 AM

    Somehow it's Tuesday

    Cool And it's another bright sunny day out there. Slept just fine, thank you. A wee bit of tossing and turning, and the next thing I knew I was waking up. Had a host of dreams, which seem to evaporate upon awakening. All I have is a general feeling or mood as far as my nocturnal adventures go. 
       Yesterday was a good day. A busy morning taking care of insurance stuff. Good old State Farm. And an evening spent working on my music!
      I have a new CD ready to go. Had the material lying around for the past almost 3 years. All written and performed on a Roland Fantom synth. And I kept the time down to about 30 minutes. 
      This stuff is all pretty experimental, so you figure it will draw the least interest from listeners out there. That said, best to keep it relatively short, so as not to tax the attention span and interest. The old "small doses" idea..
      Me, I can listen to damn near anything for 30 minutes. Well, there are exceptions. Years back I tried to listen to some of the stuff my stepson was into. Couldn't hang in with Curt Cobain past maybe 10 minutes. But I tried!
      Never got to the guitar last night. Had a bit of a tummy ache from poptarts-add-butter and a cup of yoghurt(I think it was the butter). Somehow easier to lose myself in this recording project than jamming on the guitar. 
      As you get older, you get all these- what I told my Doctor last time-miscellaneous aches and pains. Like last night. Not nauseous but queasy. And just about the time I'm thinking of making an appointment, they fade.
      Anyway. It's a brand new day. No place to go, nobody to see, just set the sights on little old me. Probably some guitar work today, and maybe more work on this new recording project. I almost said CD, force of habit. All downloads for this one from here on in.  
      I like physical CDs because there's often nice packaging. The cover photo, and hopefully some nice liner notes. Unfortunately, I don't sell all(or, okay, even most)of my CDs, so they remain in boxes and end up cluttering my already cluttered music room. 
      Also, downloads are much easier to put together, because you don't have all that extra stuff that would go into making a CD. Just the tunes. 
      Cup # 2 of Morning Joe is beckoning to me. This is all my morning news. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Stay warm today. More later

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