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    Thursday, February 8th, 2018 10:54 AM

    A dark but promising Thursday

    Cool And it's another day in Paradise. Slept like a baby, woke up at 6 something(I think one of my cats may have been behind this..)then dozed/slept maybe 2 more hours, and here I am!
       I'm still intrigued by my dreams. Stuff I can't quite remember upon awakening, and what I do remember is quickly receding. Still, I remember a sense of purpose in them, and the feeling associated with that. What lingers are not the dream details, but rather the overall mood or feeling. And even that is vague!
      Well enough of the sleep journal portion of our post here. It only comes up when I have trouble sleeping, and then hangs around for a couple days afterwards, only to fade away-something like the dreams I have- once I'm back on track. 
      And I seem to be, with four good days in a row. 
      Okay, let's get down to business here. Music news. I have  the third of my three new CDs all done and ready to go. Living in the 21st Century is the title, and it's all modern stuff, all played on keyboards. This was a period where I was getting to know a new instrument: the Roland Fantom synth(or is it workstation?)and its many many sounds..
      You can listen to excerpts of all the tunes. And if you like something but not something else, you can buy individual tracks to just those songs you do like. This pizza is available in single slices as well as the whole pie. 
      Yesterday, as it turned out, was a day of sterling virtue. This means that I worked out(weights this time)and practiced all in the same day. Even posted some stuff to my YouTube page. 
      There is a Michael Moore documentary on Netflix that's not bad. I loved Roger and Me, and liked The Big One, but after that he started to lose me.This sort of rhetoric starts to sound mealy-mouthed and carping after a few of those shows, and loses its entertainment value. But this new one kept my interest.
      There was some stuff he said, in this new one.  about FDR and a second Bill of Rights that never got passed. And how that information went instead to Europe and Japan along with our efforts to help them rebuild. And how they used the principles we were supposed to use ourselves: the right to a liveable wage, a decent home, a decent retirement- free(or affordable)healthcare and education. 
      Ahh shit, I'm digressing. But despite myself, I'm getting more 'political'. God help me..
      Anyway! Music News. Three new CDs: Tele-ology;
    Sirens of Kumar; and Living in the 21st Century. I think I already went over the first two in here.
      Living in the 21st Century is all modern electronic music. It's tonal sometimes, non-tonal(or atonal)more of the time, and uses a broad spectrum of tonal colors. Electronics used orchestrally.
    Some of it also falls into Musique Concrete: non-musical sounds used as music. (Sorry I don't have the fancy French accents: grave and egu, though I wouldn't know which is which, and which should be used..).
     So, on this dark Thursday which is supposed to turn sunny, lots of new music for you. It's either feast or famine with me and I guess we're in a feasting way right now.
      As ever, thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Happy Thursday to you. More later. 
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