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    Friday, February 9th, 2018 10:51 AM

    longass Friday post

    Cool Another beautiful day in the neighborhood. Well actually , cloudy and overcast. But I'm coming off another good night's sleep, so I feel good regardless of what's going on outside.  Most of the world is enjoying the fact that after today they're enjoying that thin membrane called the weekend that separates each week of work. TGIF. Working for the weekend.
    This has been a productive couple weeks. Caught up with my backlog, and have 3 new CDs to show for it. Just click the CDs link if you're reading this, and check out the new wares. One is straight-ahead jazz with some detours; another is progressive rock/avant-garde; the third is more orchestral/symphonic, and is some pretty wacky stuff-- a fair amount of musique contrete: street sounds, all manner of machine sounds, laughing. On one piece I use nothing but these 'everyday' sounds, just like they were musical themes. 
      The piece is called bohica. Curious to see how many folks will get it. Bohica is an acronym for bend over, here it comes again. But I'm proud of it. What I tried worked this time.
      Every time I make a new recording I think, well maybe this will be the one. So far that hasn't happened. Nothing has gone viral. And so every time I experience a little bit of disappointment over this, and then try and count my blessings- however meager, however short of the mark..
    Anyway. Living in the 21st Century is the newest one. Then there's Sirens of Kumar- progressive rock, with some fairly wild sounds. And finally Tele-ology, jazz with some twang- all performed on my Mexican Fender Telecaster. 
    At the moment, my main guitar is a Gretsch semi-hollowbody, kinda like a Gibson ES-335. Like the Tele, it has some versatility, and can also be used for R & B or other styles- Country, maybe. But it has a fuller tone. Even though the Tele can hang in there, you still really want that bigger sound that you only get with a bigger guitar. 
    Okay, or 'bigger' electronics. I have a Series 6 Pod(at least I think that's how you say it)for the guitar, which can give you virtually any sound you want. Only used it a few times on gigs, and it was more than I needed to get the job done. So I use it mainly for recording. 
    New stuff on YouTube. I'm back to playing every day. I have a feeling this blog has run awhile, so maybe this is a good time to sign off for now. New music aplenty here. Hope you'll check out my new wares. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. More later. 
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