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    Friday, November 17th, 2017 9:21 AM


    FrownA shitty day out there. 35 degrees, dark skies getting ready to rain on us. My music room is the only room in the house not to have central air. A window air-conditioner and space heater help me moderate the temperature in here, lest I freeze or boil.
      Waking up with that first cup of Morning Joe. A line from the movie The Paper: you can just smell a horrendously shitty day on the way. Well, yeah, but it's still one of my favorite points of the day, whatever that day may turn out to be.
      Still binge-watching Dexter, down to the last 2 episodes in the series. Given the creepy nature of the show(it's about a serial killer, for chrissakes!)it's sometimes best viewed an episode at a time, so perhaps binge-watching is inaccurate. But I've been steadily watching, through 7 seasons. At least I'll see it to its conclusion.
      I've done a fair amount of binge viewing in the past couple years. It's probably not the most healthy thing to do, given that you get all caught up in someone else's world, only to be plummeted back to your own when the show's over.
     I actually do better if I'm reading something, studying something. That kind of binge activity seems to be healthier. No experience of weltschmerz after you're done reading.
     Weltschmerz is, of course, a German word. It refers to one's perception of the gap between one's ideal life and one's real life. Sometimes you can experience this from binge-watchng, particularly a "happy" show where everyone gets the girl(or guy)they want and their worst problem is how to park their BMW outside the club.
     They've got more doggone words for darkly introspective states of mind. The English language seems to have more ways of describing a real jerk: vituperative, excoriating, captious, contumelious, contumacious, castigating...
      And those are only the ones my still-warming-up brain was able to retrieve.
      Anyway, just having some fun here. No music news to speak of, still practicing and still tired of most of the playalongs. I still invite viewers my YouTube page, as there's plenty to check out even through these occasional dormant periods. Soundclick has all my recorded stuff, some from various CDs.
      As ever, thanks for reading, whoever-you-are. Happy Friday to you, tgif if it applies. More later.

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