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    Monday, November 20th, 2017 9:49 AM

    Another Peaceful Monday

    CoolA mostly sunny day out there, supposed to be a bit warmer. Tonight I rehearse with the Samba Llamas. 6:30 to whenever(I'm figuring about 9-9:30). It's a unique group in that there is no bass and no drumset. Two guitars, saxophones, vocalist, and two percussionists.
      Yesterday turned out to be a very productive day. Groceries, fuel for the vehicle(as temperatures drop I like to make sure there's at least a quarter-tank in there), a workout session with weights, some practice time which yielded one-going-on-two new ones, one of which is up on YouTube. And a new one on Roger U Roundly.
     My blogsite.  Blogging is a great way to get something off your chest. Also gives you a clearer view of the problem since you have to organize your thoughts in order to get them out. This is sort of a moody piece, but I tried to inject humor wherever I could.
      I think my sense of humor has saved my ass in life. It's the one thing I truly need. I can make it all by myself, even though it would be nice to have somebody as least somewhat attractive and not too crazy(minimal baggage). Without it I may be a bit down, but I'll still survive. '
      Without my sense of humor, I would perish. End of story.
      It's 9;30 in the morning, and I'm nursing my first cup of Morning Joe, getting ready to freshen it up. A nice time of the day, especially if there's some sunshine to go with it. Peaceful even.
      If I were still working, I'd be in the midst of a crowd of disgruntled claimants, and thinking about when this all ends so I can drink and forget the whole thing. Corona was my drink of choice. After a rough Monday(or any day for that matter)it was like nectar from the Gods. Very soul-satisfying.
      Retirement beats the shit out of working. My Mondays are so much calmer now!. I am so much calmer now, even though it may not show on the surface.( No matter how much meditation I do, I think I'm just fated to talk fast and move quickly..)
      Well I guess that's my news for today. As ever, thanks for reading,whoever-reads-this. Happy Monday to you(if that's not a contradiction in terms)!Hope you'll check out my YouTube and Roger U Roundly posts. More later.

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