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    Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017 9:43 AM

    Wednesday Addams

    CoolAnd we've got another winner out there. Bright sunshine should be a part of every morning as far as I'm concerned. A much better night's sleep, which makes everything better.
      In my search for something to watch on Netflix, I found a documentary on The Doors. Interesting stuff.
      I was a fan back in the day, and played in a band that did a fair amount of Doors songs. We had a singer who was trying to be Jim Morrison. Fortunately he never whipped out his johnson on stage or any of the other nonsense associated with the Doors' frontman.
      And I still like their songs. Having played in a million bands, I have a bias against singers as a group- especially if they're divas who don't know anything about music and are caught up in their own self-importance. I felt disrespect as I watched Jim Morrison's antics on stage. I found his gyrations embarrassing. If it were me up there doing that, I'd have felt embarrassed. But then all that attention from women...
      So I disrespect and resent it all at once. I can't help resent that all the attention goes to the front person.  But as far as Morrison goes, I do respect the drunken poet- which always makes me think of Dylan Thomas. Haven't read Morrison's stuff, would like to take a look. He appeared to have some smarts.
      Anyway. My two cents. Time for another cup of Morning Joe. Then I do my Lumosity games for the day, eat something, and maybe get some exercise. And then practice. And if I have the camera out and record something that works, I'll be glad to post it on YouTube.
    I've been working on my page as far as organizing, and have a pretty good set of Playlists on there.
     Okay, that's all the news I've got. As ever, thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. More later.

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