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    Wednesday, February 14th, 2018 8:01 AM

    Valentine's Day

    Frown Unfortunately, a draggin' ass day today. Couldn't seem to turn off the bubble machine last night. This happens on occasion. Some months are better than others. This one had a few crummy days at the beginning, then 9 good days, and now another day behind the 8-ball. 
      A gig tonight, from 6:30 to 7:30, at Montvale. Should be just fine. My lone gig for February. 
      No other music news to speak of. Got my 3 CDs off and running as far as CD Baby. It'll be awhile before they start paying, as in streams and hopefully a download or two. 
      Coffee helps on a day like this. So does meditation. Both give you a little boost. On that note, more coffee...
      Watching another documentary on Netflix, this one about Russian history from the 17th/18th centuries forward. More stuff I didn't know, or at least knew half-assedly.
      Peter the Great was the first monarch covered. Also a lot of information about Catherine the Great(I think those are the only 'greats' in Russian history). For one thing, I didn't know she was German. And the story about the horse is just a rumor, albeit a persistent one. She did have her share of lovers though, and that is documented. 
      And there's some stuff about Lenin I didn't know. He read Marx, but was more influenced by a book by Chernishevsky about a revolutionary. His older brother Sascha was killed by the administration of Nicholas II, which was his main reason for the uprising. Vindication. 
      Just two episodes into the series. I'm sure more adventures are forthcoming. There was also an Ivan the Terrible in there, and I guess we'll hear about him down the road. Likewise, Rasputin. 
      Another dark overcast day out there, but it's warmer. Looks like we're gonna have a pretty mild February- though it's just half over, and anything can happen in 14 days.
      And that's my Wednesday news. Draggin' ass a little bit, but this too shall pass. Always does..
      Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Happy hump day to you-and happy Valentine's Day. More later. 
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