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    Friday, September 28th, 2018 10:58 AM


    Cool Yesterday was a little intense. I got some spam in my mailbox from someone trying to extort money. He claimed to have set up malware on a free porn site, and filmed me watching one of the videos, and is threatening to send this to my mailing list. 
         I immediately deleted it, but then restored it and made a file for it. Gotta say, it spooked me just a little. I did in fact visit a free porn site and registered a password and username(which is where he got it)but didn't view any videos. None of theirs anyway. Whatever voyeurism I might have is usually quelled by stuff on YouTube.
        Upon reflection, I vaguely remember getting something like this before. Nothing happened. And even if this current guy(or lady)did have an embarrassing video of me, I'm too old and tired to care. 
        These things happen online. I even got a death threat once, from a 'hit man' whom someone had hired to kill me. No further communication from this individual, and no attempts on my life. Still alive and well, thank you. 
       Okay. Just had to get that off my chest. Living alone can be nice, but when you have something happen, it's all too easy to magnify it inside your own head and assume monstrous proportions,  without other folks to bounce it off of. Fortunately, I have this page- and also some friends I had lunch with yesterday, whom I regaled with this story. Most things are far less fearsome when you talk them out. 
      So that's my current adventure. In music news, I have a gig in October and one in December. In Sam news, it's a bright sunny day out there. Despite yesterday's craziness(and with this I include the Kavanaugh hearing), I got a good night's sleep- though I did wake up a time or two. Feeling good. 
       Hopefully some guitar playing/practice today, and with that, maybe something I can share with you on YouTube. Thanks for reading, Happy Friday to you(tgif if it applies). I'm outa here. More later. 
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