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    Thursday, November 23rd, 2017 10:31 AM

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    CoolPut the repeat marks on this one. Another bright sunny day out there- just a bit nippier than I might like, but I'll take it all the same.
      Yesterday was a day of sterling virtue. Did some intense Cardio and did some intense practicing. Even recorded a couple things, but they were jams I'd already done up on YouTube. Sometime those playalongs run together. But I did add one new piece.
      Also practicing solo guitar. I spend a lot of my practice time with playalongs and/or the metronome, trying to align myself with them. But I also like to play sans metronome, just me and the guitar. Working on getting that smoother.
      Solo guitar is tougher. You're never so exposed as when you're playing all by yourself. Every clam and especially every hesitation is out there for all to see.
      So the first lesson is eliminating hesitation, and the choppiness that follows. You have to get comfortable with silence and not be afraid of it.
      These are all notes-to-self, but I think they'd benefit anybody who's working on their playing. Solo guitar is just another aspect of playing , but an indispensable part. And I figure getting this together will help my playing with other folks.
      I am always working on time as well, and I think one of the biggest strides in this area is being able to internalize the time, to just feel where one is and do all the subdividing in your head. Some years back I heard the Kurt Rosenwinkel Trio at Small's in New York, and there were a lot of places where the bass and drums would lay out but the time never took a bath. It was always seamless.
      So, more solo stuff as I get better at it. I've been meaning for the longest time to do another solo guitar album. Maybe I should concentrate on that at this point, and finally git 'er done.
      Not much else to say. In about 5 hours, I'll be enjoying Thanksgiving dinner. Stumbling across the street this year. I like living alone just fine, but I don't like to be alone on Thanksgiving. At least a couple hours with other folks will do me okay.
      And a gig this Saturday. The calendar is just a little busier for the next couple weeks . Got next Tuesday and next Friday and the Sunday after that. Just enough to keep things interesting.
      Once the dead of Winter is here, I may just hibernate. Still gotta go to the Fit Club for my cardio and Hy-vee for my food, but otherwise I'll just hole up for the cold weather.
      That's my news. Oh yeah, Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks as ever for reading, whoever-reads-this. More later.
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