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    Tuesday, July 25th, 2017 11:22 AM

    Tepid Tuesday

    CoolYesterday was a nice somewhat slothful day. Got my CD(Music of Sam Crain Vol 2)mailed off to CD Baby. Some practicing was achieved. Didn't get around to immortalizing it on video, but then some practices just need to stay that way. They're for educational purposes only-- my educational purposes.
      Today can go either way, but I'm hoping to a somewhat industrious day. Cardio is the order of business, and I plan on getting in my hour sometime today.
      A gig this Friday(see the Gigs page if interested), which should be just fine. Your basic happy hour affair.
      I'm at the point right now where I can take gigs or leave them. Funny, I was ready for another busy season, and since that hasn't happened(the band broke up), I'm just fine having that time free. 
      Retirement is great, once you learn how to manage your time. At first the sudden enormity of free time is just as dauntingly oppressive as the work schedule from which you've just extricated yourself.
      And everyone's needs are different here. Some folks feel they have to fill every second with activity. For me, I'm happiest with just a modicum of structure, just a pinch. Gives me at least a tenuous connection to the rest of the world. I can handle it from there..
     This is starting to run on, so I should probably exheunt for now. I don't know if I used the word exheunt correctly, but I'll cut myself some slack for one malapropism.
      Anyway, thanks for reading all this, whoever-is-still-here. Happy Tuesday to you, hope it's a good day. . More later.



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