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    Friday, November 24th, 2017 9:41 AM

    Ven der putz shtet..

    CoolAnd the nice sunny(but cooler)weather continues. Thanksgiving Day was nice. I had dinner with friends, all of whom as it turns out, live either on my block or right across street. Stumbling distance.
      I've had a few Thanksgivings by myself, and it's a lousy way to spend the day. There are days when it's good, even necessary, to get the hell away from teeming humanity, but Thanksgiving ain't one of them. From here on out, I'm doing turkey day with some of my fellow turkeys.
      I think that was a 70's term-of-non-endearment: turkey. Just showing my age I guess.
      There is one new thing on YouTube. It's solo guitar, kinda meandering but a different setup than my usual Sam-with-playalong mode.  I tried to play and record last night after the Thanksgiving festivities, but just couldn't get it going. Ended up scrapping every single thing I'd done.
      I use YouTube a lot, but not exclusively, for guitar practice. There's a fair amount of nice stuff in there. They also have information about history, philosophers and philosophes. I've spent some time there as well.
      They also have a lot of T & A. Both fortunate and unfortunate. Fortunate because, well, they're real nice to look at, some of these women. Unfortunate because I end up spending too much time there. 
      Ven der putz shteht, lich der sechel in drerd.
      A Yiddish expression, got it out of Portnoy's Complaint. It translates, when the prick stands up, the brains fall to the ground.
      All too true. I can't believe I'm writing this stuff on my "musician" website. What the hell..
      Okay, I've probably done enough in here today. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Happy Friday to you! More later.
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