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    Saturday, July 22nd, 2017 10:57 AM

    Sam's Saturday Sadhana

    CoolA rainy, drizzly day out there, but considerably cooler. First night in a couple days to get decent sleep. It throws me off to have gigs in the middle of the week, and the heat wave did the rest. But I seem to be back on track today.
      In other news, someone bought one of my CDs from CD Baby. Music of Sam Crain Vol 2 was this person's splendid selection. At this juncture, they're sold out of this particular CD, so I'll have to send them another copy. It'll probably sit on their shelves for another couple years, but at least it'll be in stock.
      YouTube subscriptions are up to a whopping 28. It's usually someone who has a YouTube page themselves, and I always subscribe to their page as well. Seems like the right thing to do. We're all in this together with our fledgling pages..Vi hjaelpe hinanden.
      We help each other. Dansk sproge. Danish language. Back in 2001 or so, there was a very cool movie on the Independent Film Channel which was made in Copenhagen. I became very intrigued with that part of the world, and learned a little bit about their culture, including a wee bit of the language. So I know about 100 Danish words, which are still rattling around up there between my ears(along with a lot of other "useless" information). Most of the time it's an inactive file, but occasionally something will spark it and I'll think of something from my Nordski pages...
      In further music news, I have another gig this coming Friday(see the Gigs page if interested). This one is local, and with folks I've played with on many occasions, so there's no x factor, no unknown element. And it's a happy hour gig, which doesn't really fuck up my week or my weekend.
      Funny that I couldn't wait to get rid of my schedule at the end of my working years, but now am very much bound by the very thing I wanted to divest myself of. Only it's my schedule. I think that's the significant difference. But I do seem to need my routines..
      Well enough of this introspective nonsense. Thanks for stopping in, whoever you are. Hopefully some new tunes on the way via YouTube. Happy Saturday. More later.


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