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    Monday, November 27th, 2017 10:08 AM

    Another Peaceful Monday

    CoolAnother beautiful sunny day out there. A fair amount of guitar practice yesterday, and a couple things that are probably YouTube worthy.
      It was also a day of battling my computer. I've got a printer that's due to be replaced. It prints just fine for about 15 minutes, and then socks you with an error message every time out. Much frustration- even banging the machine and calling it a sonofabitch, which I regret for several reasons.
      And I couldn't get videos to play. Unlike the printer, this finally seemed to resolve itself.
      A day of tech-frustration.
      Working tomorrow in Jacksonville for an hour, and Saturday here in town for an hour. A light schedule, just enough to provide some structure to the week.
      I think this is Jimi Hendrix's birthday. November 27. He's one of those, along with Jim Morrison and(I think)Janis Joplin, to die at the age of 27.
      Lots of musicians had short lives. Charlie Parker died at 34, Mozart at 35, Coltrane at 40. Schubert was in his early 30's. Clifford Brown died in his late 20's.
      Anyway! Beginning of the week, and all that. I am so glad not to be working- especially glad not to be where I was working. Right about now, they're up to their ass in disgruntled claimants. I'd be feeling stressed and unhappy- and thinking fondly, wistfully, about that first Corona when this is all over for the day.
       Of course, if I hadn't put in those years, I wouldn't have been able to exheunt like I did, and as early as I did. I actually quit, and then tread water for a year until I was old enough to retire. And that was made possible by many years of biting the bullet. Many many Monday mornings..
      A few things to do today, the first of which is pour myself another cup of Morning Joe. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. More later.
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